Ranks of PERSIA for the Ming Dynasty By saije ferrer

Rankings key: 1-Highest ranking 6 - Lowest Ranking

1.Social Status

This is because the Zhu Yuanzhang grew up poor and became the emperor of china. For example "The only emperor in China’s long history to have been born to a peasant family, Zhu had been orphaned early in life."(Khan Academy, 2016)

2. Politics

This is because Zhu Yuanzhang took over the government and basically made it a democracy or autocracy. Despite the dynasty being autocratic, it was the most dynasty in chinese history. For example “Affairs in each province were handled by three agencies, each reporting to separate bureaus in the central government. The position of prime minister was abolished. Instead, the emperor took over personal control of the government, ruling with the assistance of the especially appointed Neige, or Grand Secretariat.”(The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica, 2015) Another example is “Also introduced at that time was a system of punishment by flogging with a stick in court, which was designed to humiliate civil officials—while also making use of them to realize the emperor’s aim of maintaining practical control of the state in his own (The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica, 2015)

3. Arts

This is because this dynasty made ceramic pottery a really big deal. Especially white and blue ceramic pottery.

4. Economics

This is because during the Ming Dynasty the currency was changed from paper to coins. This is a big change.

5. Intellectuals

This is because I've read nothing about it.

6. Religion

This is because I've read nothing about it.

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