Florida Museum of Natural History by joseph putu

Nature and the Human Spirit:

The Natural History Museum helped me learn about how people lived on the land long ago. I wouldn't have experienced this if I hadn't gone to the museum. It helped me appreciate the things we have now compared to how hard people had it a long time ago. It helped me learn that it is possible for people to live a simple life on the land.

Nature on Display:

The butterfly garden was the exhibit that was particularly appealing to me. The design of being able to walk through and having all the butterflies around you was amazing. This exhibit caught my attention because there were living things in it. I learned that butterflies would feed off of cut fruit. I thought they only fed off of flowers. I enjoyed learning about mother nature.

Nature and Ethics:

I was very interested in learning about all of the exhibits. I was amazed by all of the things I was seeing. I enjoyed seeing the little kids reaction to the details of the exhibits. The Natural History Museum provided me the opportunity to experience nature in ways that Leopold recommends because I was able to experience nature and learn ethical way to take care of it.

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