How to Draw ARTS 211-005 Soohyun Kim

If you have not studied drawing before, you might feel that it is hard. But art is not difficult as you think. You can draw easily what you want if you learn how to draw. Before we start, choose one object that you want to draw, and prepare a paper, pencil, and easer. We are going to learn how to draw the object with right proportion.
1. Hold your arm straight out toward the object, without bending the elbow, and close your one eye
2. Use the tip of the pencil as the top point of whatever you’re measuring and put your thumb at the bottom point.
3. It is your the base unit, you can compare it to another part of the figure.
4. Move to a paper and established length in order to draw that you measured and break it up.
5. It tells you how big the unit should be on the page. We can also switch the head unit horizontally and do the same thing for the width of the pose.
6. With the units, we can start drawing in the shapes. Focus on getting the angles right with simple gesture lines.
Triangulation help to measure angles. We might think that we are measuring and drawing correct, but before we move to another part, we have to check one more time. Find 3 points that we can estimate the angle from one point. If these two estimates don’t match, then we have to re-measure them.
Repeat this, measuring, drawing, and check, then you will realize that the drawing is done.
Feel free to color the picture or not.
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