Puppy Care how to care for a puppy

Getting Ready

It's a big change for your puppy when he leaves his mother. You can help him settle in to his new home by getting everything ready before he arrives.

Feeding Your Puppy

To stay healthy, your puppy needs to eat the right amount of the right food, at regular times. Give her special puppy food and not adult food.

Going To The Vet

You should take your puppy to the veterinarian the day after you bring him home. The vet will check the puppy an give your pet the shots he needs to stay well.

Settling In With Your Puppy

It is a good idea to teach your puppy your family's rules from the very beginning. She will need to know where she goes to the bathroom, and where she eats and sleeps.


Groom your puppy every day. This will keep her coat soft, clean, and free of tangles. It is also a good time to make sure there are no fleas or ticks in her fur.

Knowing Your Puppy

Wild dogs live in family groups called packs. One dog is the leader. He will make sure the others follow the rules. These dogs are more dominant (have more power) than others.

In Conclusion...

In conclusion, that is how to care for your puppy.


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