Faces of the Game everyone who makes the homecoming game what it is

In the stands

(left to right): Seniors Sandy Matsuda, Jodi Wong, Chloe Tat, Angela Zhao

Jodi: My favorite part about Homecoming is how hype everyone was during the skits and supporting the performers.

Chloe: I’m a bit emotional that this Homecoming was our last one.

Sandy: I loved how you could see the unity among classes.

Angela: I like how everyone at school gets hyped for homecoming despite the expectation that we might not be since we're so academically oriented.

Photo by Patricia Wei


Thanh Nguyen

What brings you to the game?

I try to come out always at least to the homecoming game because it’s a good place and good time to interact and hang out with the students and see them in a non-academic setting and a little more loose setting.

Have you been to previous football games?

The only other previous one I’ve been here for was last year. The half hour show was cool. Mrs. Jackson actually asked me to help take pictures last year which filled me with a lot of anxiety because I was a first year teacher, and the principal just asked me to take pictures because I told her I was good with cameras. I’m like, “Okay I better take really good photos” (laughs)."

Is there anything you would like to tell the students or the community?

Relax. That’s one of the biggest things I see about here is that people get to relax. After the end of a really long, stressful homecoming week. With this being the short week and not being in the quad, it’s nice, especially this year, to relax. Especially with my room being right by the construction.

Photo by Hatim Saifee

Valkyries Mom

Laura Peterson

I love being out here on Friday nights, seeing students supporting their friends and relaxing. As Valks parents, we sell baked potatoes, and I love coming here to feed everyone.

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Steven Roy

What do you think is different about this year?

This is because this is the fourth year I’ve been at Lynbrook. So I’ve seen this class from freshmen to seniors so that, for me, makes it special.

Is there anything you would like to tell the students or the community?

Keep truckin’.

Photo by Hatim Saifee

In the Stands

Vijaya Kukutla

What brings you to the game?

Last year, I went to the Homecoming football game with my friends and it actually ended up being really fun. We never got to go to a game after that, though, because we were so busy. This year, I can go to more games since I have more time and the Homecoming game is obviously a great start. In general, I have resolved to show more spirit this year and participate more in school activities.

You said that the homecoming football game is a good place to start. What makes you say that?

This is perhaps the most heavily promoted game in the course of the year, and for good reason. When you come here, you are not just entertained by the football game, but also the Homecoming court and the halftime show. This sets the excitement for future games and establishes a hearty sense of spirit as well!

What is your favorite part of the homecoming football game?

I like the halftime show and the Valkyries’ performance because I feel like it has a very unifying effect on the Lynbrook community. During rallies, students are split heatedly in the midst of class competition, but during the game everyone comes together to cheer on Lynbrook together. I love it especially when our school scores in the game, and everyone in the stands yells “Heck yeah!”

How do you think the people in the stands contribute to the football game?

I think if more people attended the football games, the team would feel more motivated. I myself am a soccer player and I personally feel that more people makes you feel a lot more motivated to play well than when the stands are empty. Ultimately, everyone at Lynbrook is really busy, so coming to the game is really important because it’s a well-deserved break!

So, it’s after halftime, and I noticed a lot of people are leaving during halftime. What do you think about that?

I think if you came here for the football game, you should stay here for the game. If you leave early, it shows that you aren’t here for the football game when you should be. It’s our own school team and it’s our duty to support them.

Photo by Priyanka Anand and Anusha Kothari


Christopher Baugh

What brings you to the game?

I have a bunch of players on both the JV and varsity teams, so I like to come out, show my support and see them in a different light outside the classroom. Also, I was split between Lynbrook and Cupertino last year, so I wanted to just get the full experience and show that I'm a part of the community here, and see how awesome the school does things around here. It's crazy in a good way but I think Lynbrook definitely has more school spirit.

How does it feel to be in this environment?

It's kind of relieving in a way because homecoming week is crazy for staff and students. So, this is the culmination where it all comes together. It's all for tonight. So for me, it's just kind of that sense of “This is it. This is what we're all here for.”

Is there anything you would like to tell the students or the community?

Keep up the good work Lynbrook! Let's make homecoming awesome every year!

Photo by Hatim Saifee


Jessica Lu

Have you been to previous homecoming football games?

Part of the reason I came back this year is because last year, it was really cool to kind of see everything, see the game and see the halftime show and all that stuff. Because it was good last year, I was like, “I'll come again this year.”

Photo by Hatim Saifee


Ayaho Sakurai

My favorite part about football games is when the team scores because then I get to cheer with my teammates.

Photo by Patricia Wei

Football Mom and Staff Member

Jena Rajabally

What do you like about football games?

I like meeting and talking to people, and football games have helped me bond with a lot of teachers before I started working here. My favorite part of football games is the competition itself.

I don’t think anyone enjoys a game as much as she does (Thanh Nguyen)

Photo by Patricia Wei

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