CALIFORNIA 2016 The "BRO" Trip

Welcome to the recap of my trip to California.

It all started with an idea. Ron posed a question about possibly doing some business out in Cali. Since I've never being there, I said "I'm down, let's do it". After some logistics and negotiations from all parties involved, we nailed down the dates and off we went. Cali here we come!! #CaliTrip2016 told through the lens of #HankersonPhotography

Cali here we come. Flying #AmericanAirlines. The flight to California was really nice aboard one of their newer planes. . It wasn't 1st Class, but I was happy.
Los Angeles International Airport

It took a minute for us to get our bearings, #TIA has nothing on #LAX. That is one huge airport. LAX's international wing is almost the size of #TIA.

While renting our car from #Enterprise we were taken care of by Nicole. This young lady went over and beyond to make sure we were happy. Her manager should really be commended. Her customer service skills were on point. Thanks to Nicole we were informed about our first eating spot #Randy's Donuts

Randy's Donuts
Randy's Donuts, Inglewood
My brother Dre actually was the only one who initially purchased a donut. Ron and myself did nothing but take photos and update our #Facebook Status
Hey yo Ron, there's a Bruh!. Bluuuuuue Phiiiiiiiii
We were only at Randy's for maybe a minute or so, before we ran into our Sigma Brother Reggie.
GOMAB or Go Home. USFSigmas, Tampa Sigmas, Go Bulls
No matter the time or place, nor the situation. "It's Always About The U"
I just thought it was interesting. That's all.
A few photos from around Los Angeles as we went to secure the speakers for the LA World Cultural Event. #KutulaAfricana. I
The Golden Confidence Pool Party
Golden Confidence

We came across this party by accident. Our spot was right next to the #CustomHotel in #LosAngeles. We saw one lady in a bikini, thought nothing of it. Then when saw a group of them, we looked at each other and said, let's go check this party out. Us being us, we didn't pay. I saw the entrance the employees were going in and entered through that door. Please forgive me. #GoldenConfidence #GoldenConfidencePoolParty

Cardenas, California

After the LA Cultural Event, Dre and I wanted to see what we could get out of this GPS. We plugged in some destinations and let it guide us. We were determined to maximize every minute in LA.

Any idea what these fools up to? Yep. Looking for damn Pokemon. I wish one of them would have walked off the pier or something. Well, I actually saw one person walk into one of those cement columns that stop cars from driving in certain areas. So that was an LOL moment. #POKEMONGO #HermosaBeach
This place was kind of cool. It had a nice vibe. We planned to check it out later in the week if time permitted. It never did.
In and Out Burger

I had to try it, but it really wasn't all that. It was cheap. I actually loved the menu. You had 3 choices. I know all guys love that. The fewer the choices, the better. I really like the special/house sauce they use. It was nice and zesty. I personally prefer #RedRobin or #WhataBurger or something. We actually ate there about three times. It was convenient. It's so funny, the first one we went to, I was a littler nervous. We were like damn are we in #Mexico? We were the only #Americans in there. We got some funny looks, so we ate our food and exited stage left. My Frat brother Dave (Big Brother Chaos) had already peeped me to some things...some Do's and Don'ts while in LA. He referenced some racial tensions that had been going on. I said "well, how will I know if this is a place I should eat at or not?" He said "if you walk in and you the only Black might want to find another restaurant." Needless to say, I broke his first rule.

Sunday July 17
Chit & Chat
We ordered the Pizza and Wings. I also ordered my staple a pink lemonade. Dude didn't have sweet tea. I like Bruuuuuhhh, where they do that at? I guess this is how y'all do it on the West Coast huh?

It's now Sunday and we got a terrible start on our day. We wasted about three hours. Won't go into any details, but we started extremely late, but we made up for it after finishing our brunch at #ChitChat

Church Stop
The church Ron visited seemed like it had some really nice people. I regretted not attending after meeting some of the people.
Hollywood, here we come!!
Hollywood Highlands
Big Bank Hank
Hank & Dre
Hollywood Walk of Fame

This was my first taste of what I was expecting when coming out to the West Coast. I must admit, it didn't disappoint. I was really impressed by the scale, sounds, smells, signage, everything and much more. It was really nice. I was really beginning to become excited. Here are a few photos from our walk down the #HollywoodWalkofFame

To advance through the images, you can click the image or swipe.

We didn't really know if we wanted to do this our not, but we knew if we didn't take this tour we would probably be driving around ourselves in search of many of the so call famous places. We decided to fork over the money, at a discounted rate, and do the tour. Initially we were like damn, our black asses are gone burn up. The van had no roof. To fix that, the market the tour as "Open Air" Open Air my Ars!! It was cool though, by the time we were doing the tour, there was a slight breeze and it was beautiful. Here are a few pictures from our tour.

A cool mural of Mick Jagger

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson lived across the street from this school, when they moved to Hollywood.

They named the auditorium after him. Yeah he was kind of a big deal #MichaelJackson #KingofPop #Thriller

Jay Z owns this club
The Beverly Hills Hotel
This is the restaurant for the show Happy Days
I absolutely love this show. That's why I took a photo of this advertisement.
Dr. Dre's Crib
Some nice lady we met.
Beverly Hills Wilshire Hotel
Hollywood Hills
I wonder where this is...

It was really nice to see the #HollywoodSign. Iconic for this part of the country. We didn't get to the sign as early as we wanted to. The sun was setting sooooo quickly, but we made the best of it. After leaving here, we decided to head out in search of dinner. The last thing I ate was some authentic #Mexican Cuisine. I don't know how she rigged that cart up to be an actual stovetop, but she did. Kudos to you smart lady.

Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles
It was nice seeing the photo of President Obama on the wall. He stopped by while he was in LA. They have a dish named after him.
Monday July 18
Monday July 18, Venice Beach
We initially planned to visit Venice for an hour, then get on the road to San Francisco by way of the Pacific Coast Highway.
Some of the sights from beautiful #VeniceBeach. Keep in mind this was scheduled to be an hour pit stop. We arrived at approximately 11:30AM.
Vendors: Venice Beach
Beach Art: Venice Beach
Venice Beach was interesting in many ways. Unlike most Bay Area beaches, this beach had something interesting and engaging every step of the way. From the relaxing bike and walking trail most visitors used to a wide variety of vendors of an infinite array of goods.
"Get Wet"
"All I wanted was a photo of a big splash behind me.....LOL"
"Wooooooow, I know this going to be good. That was a loud bang. I know it's a high splash."
Ooooohhh Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!
Hey Dre? Where you going bro......why you running?
"Oooooohhhh, so this is why you're running"
The Boardwalk

To connect these beautiful beaches there was a boardwalk that went on for miles and disappeared into the horizon. I had a fear of wiping out because it was so sandy and I wasn't really paying attention. I was too busy soaking it all up.






Bros on Bikes

Santa Monica Beach

Oh yeah, it's still Monday and by now we should be on the road to #SanFrancisco, but who's counting?

Santa Monica Beach, California
Breakfast, Lunch or Brunch Time 5:30 PM
Now that we have devoured 30 plus wings and Fries, it is now time to officially hit the road and head to San Francisco.
I wonder how many kids are on free & reduced lunch at this school? I wonder if they bus any kids in for whatever purposes other schools do it. I'm just wondering, that's all.
We made a stop in Malibu for a few photos and a BroTo.
"Hands Up Don't Shoot"
San Francisco Giants


The temps were in the mid 70s. We couldn't have asked for better July weather.


Golden Gate Welcome Center

Does that camera look like a weapon to you?

@JHANK1914 (IG)

Chilling in the shadows of the Golden Gate Bridge, with San Francisco as the backdrop.


Golden Gate Bridge

This was our first stop in San Francisco. While there we met the nicest family from Tahiti. God's will, we will meet them again.

Lombard Street

San Francisco

Super Duper Burger

This place was off the chain. I ordered one of the most delicious burgers ever. I ordered some fries with my burger, but not just any fries. I ordered the Garlic Fries. Good God, those things are so nice. I am willing to fly back just for those fries. #NOLIE

Riding back to LA

The Rose Bowl: Pasadena, CA

Pasadena, California

Los Angeles Philharmonic #LAPHIL

Chilling downtown LA at Grand Park

Road Trip back to LA

Venice Beach: Public Art

Venice Beach: The Rocks

The Pacific Ocean

I could not go to #California and not experience the #PacificOcean. The water was excellent. I didn't get a chance to fully experience it. No swimming or wading. I only had time to get in a little just for this photo. My brother and I were against the clock. When this photo was taken, it was around 4:00PM. We needed to be at #LAX in an hour or so. We had yet to return the rental.
The Hankerson Brothers
I couldn't walk pass this work of art without paying my respects to my city. #MuckCity

Returning to Tampa

Thanks for watching my California Trip. I hope you enjoyed it. Please share on your social networks if you like

Thanks Hankerson Photography.

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Photo contributions by Andre & DJ Ron Mic. Music by TuPac and Dr. Dre: California Love.

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