Mule Mountain Photography by Mike Barlow

Big country here, western Wyoming. And water’s hard to come by. A few patches of snow provide drinking water. Fortunately, Duke and Mooch don’t drink much, don’t eat much either. They just follow right along. No lead rope. As loyal as they are surefooted.
This is work here, chasing mulies in September. They stay up high, at least the smart bucks do. Avoiding the predators and hunters. Finding them is difficult, hiding among the pine and juniper. Then, you got to get to them without them seeing you. Good luck getting closer than 400 yards.
This is satisfying here, beating the mountain and getting the buck. It’s a good one, too. And Duke and Mooch . . . They’re really something. They keep up, even toting all that extra weight.

Mike Barlow hunted mule deer in the mountains of western Wyoming with his cousin, Aaron Layman, who bought the goats when they were little and bottle fed them. They grew attached to him and follow him everywhere. See more of Mike’s work, including his work as sculptor, at mikebarlow.com.

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(photography by Mike Barlow)

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