Romulus and Remus Ariana conlon

The story of Romulus and Remus is an extremely famous legend that explains the founding of Rome. Legend has it that Romulus and Remus' mother gave birth to them even though she was forbidden to have children by her Uncle Amulius because he believed any child she bore would take his throne. Once he found out about the twins, he sent them up the Tiber River in a basket, expecting them to drown. Fortunately, they washed ashore and were nursed by a she-wolf named Luperca.

Statue depicting Romulus and Remus as toddlers suckling fron Luperca

One day, a shepherd named Faustulus found the boys and decided to raise them as his own with his wife Acca Laurentia. As young men, it is said that they would frequently jump bandits and return their riches to the poor. One day, the bandits decided to retaliate and set a trap for the twins. Only Remus was captured and taken to Amulius. Amulius sent Remus to Numitor (the twins' grandfather) to be dealt with. Numitor quickly discovered Remus' identity. The twins assassinated Amulius and returned their grandfather to his rightful place of the throne.

Romulus and Remus built a city on the spot where they had been found by Luperca. One day Remus made fun of the wall Romulus had built around the city. The twins fought to the death and Romulus came out alive. He then named the city Rome after himself.

Rome, the capital of Italy

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