Exploration of Value Portraits with Pen & ink, pencil & eraser, and varied shades

Portrait #1

Bradley: Pencil Value study

Begin with a grid of the photo & a contour line drawing

Continue with pencils from HB - 12B for darks & shadows

Begin detail of features and erase to create light

Add texture and value with darker pencil

Create highlights by erasing with the kneaded earaser

This helps to create a soft look to the skin as well.

Finish with comparing values and adjusting
Final Portrait: Bradley

Portrait #2

Brandon: Pencil, Pen & Ink Value Study

Begin the same way as portrait #1

Begin to add value and slowly add ink to darkest areas.

Shade details with varied pencils before adding ink.

Add finishing touches to background then foreground with pencil & pen.

Final portrait: Brandon


Heather Hallick

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