Love with Expectations Parental pressure on children should be stopped

Parental pressure should be avoided by many parents because it can cause several dames to the child but to be specif psychological damages. psychological damages like anxiety, suicidal thoughts, unrelenting pressure, and poor self-esteem.

Anxiety disorder is the major and most common effect of parental pressure because it affects every aspect of the child life. it can damage the child socially, emotionally and academically. a large number of children going through this can have problem sleeping, panic attacks , and constant fear.

Poor self-esteem can be caused by so many things but regarding parental pressure, it happens because there is lack of encouragement and love from parents. this can lead to social withdraw, eating disorder, lack of self confidence, and anxiety.

Suicidal thoughts can lead to suicide. long term suicidal thoughts can cause brain damage, lack of sanctification, and hopelessness. if not careful as parents, the child may eventually lead to suicide because they are frustrated and surrounded by negative remarks everyday.

Unrelenting pressure happens when the child tries his or her best to make their parents satisfied with them because they feel their parents are not happy with them. it can also be because of the intense pressure and expectations from parents.

Parents should consider how their child feels when they expect them to always be the top. a child should be filled with love and encouragement. that way the child can be the best in what they do without always nagging on them.


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