Go Kart Justin Brown

Problem Statement

Our Go-Kart group needs to design, build, and test a drill powered Go-Kart to complete various competitions and courses by the end of the year using only a $25 budget to shop for materials and the materials brought to class or given in class like 1 sheet of 3/4" plywood, an 18V drill, wood glue, and other hardware.


This is a unique but solid idea for the drill powered go kart where a steering wheel will turn the front wheels left and right with an attached rope as a connector. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xk5KfLwXGnk
This idea is unique because it uses the pedals as speed controls and handling controls. Even though we aren't using the pedals as handling controls in our design, the pedals working as other controls are exactly what we were looking for as an idea. http://gizmodo.com/how-to-build-a-cheap-ish-drill-powered-go-kart-1703139333


This image was taken as a screenshot to show a detailed sketch of the seat and how the back wheel will be spinning in that opening in the back of the seat while the required mortise and tenon joints are on either side of the back wheel.
This image was taken by phone as a sketch showing the specific radius of the steering wheel.
This photo was taken by phone to show the wheels' lengths and radii as well as which side they are applied to for the go kart.


This image is of the frame that was carved out by the ShopBot. We took our OnShape file and sent them to the ShopBot to carve it out. And then after the frame was cut out, we sanded it to remove any splintering wood.

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