Cowboys in the American west By: Lexie Shelton

Cowboys were a important role in the west and they were very dedicated and hard workers. Imagine having to be on horseback all day and almost all night herding cattle....etc in hot or cold weather.

Cowboys in the west back in the day were very important. They were a important role in the wild west. They hunted on horseback, did cattle drives. Killed outlaws....etc. The men who worked the cattle in the treeless expanses of the West, at least one-fourth of them blacks, became known as cowboys. The image of the courageous, spirited horseman living a dangerous life carried with it an appeal that refuses to disappear. Driving a thousand to two thousand cattle hundreds of miles to market; facing lightning and cloudbursts and drought, stampedes, rattlesnakes, and outlaws; sleeping under the stars and catching chow at the chuckwagon—the cowboys dominated the American galaxy of folk heroes.

Cowboys in the west were sometimes bad and sometimes good. Some of them robbed banks...etc and those would be considered outlaws, while others helped out on ranches...etc.

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cowboy and his dog
Horses in the west


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