You are not alone... Everyone has a story and many go through the struggles everyday. Yes, some may have it worse. everyone's voice matters and the struggles that we face matter too.

Dear Diary, I used to be trapped inside a shell and I could never understand the things that people do. I always thought that everyone had the same mind set as me and were nice. It was always hard for me to be mean to someone because I know that I wouldn't want anyone to treat me that way. I know people come into our lives for a reason. All people want is to be treated with respect and all they want is to be loved. Not many people understand the hardships and struggles that someone goes through. People do not understand the challenges that we have to face. Pain changes people and life must go on. A lot of people think that they are alone and have nobody. Trust issues start to form and hate is being created. Nobody is alone...

Poem: Everyone has a story and some may have it worse and they wish it can be reversed. But throughout time people just leave you behind. I will never forget what you put me through. No, not all this pain wasn't from you. You think you're making me blu. HAHA I'll show you what I can do.

Created By
Anjalissa Avila


Created with images by Steve Charman - "Love" • Sophieja23 - "diary calendar filler"

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