LGA NEWS EDITION 16, DATE: 25 June 2021


Welcome to our latest newsletter, you will also find a letter from Mrs Satyanadhan introducing herself to you all and many wonderful stories about our student community and their successes, including the launch of a charity single in which several of our students feature!

Jim Parker, Principal.

Dear Lord Grey Community,

I wanted to write to you, to say hello and introduce myself as the new Associate Principal of Lord Grey from September 2021.

I joined Lord Grey in September 2020 as the Vice Principal of Curriculum, having moved from a school in Wellingborough where I was the Vice Principal of Teaching and Learning. I certainly didn't think I would be moving during the middle of a pandemic! The only disadvantage of joining the Lord Grey Community at this time has meant that I am relatively unknown outside of the student community of Lord Grey as many on site events this year have been held virtually; I am hoping that we will be able to have more parent events on site in the next year so I can begin to meet you all.

During my interview at Lord Grey, one of the things that struck me was the way the students would talk about the opportunities they have experienced and the love they had for learning. Having started my career as an English teacher and having worked in many local schools I have seen many students and know that Lord Grey is special in the way it encourages students to be the best they can be and to provide them with guidance as they make choices for their futures.

It is fair to say that the last 12 months have been challenging for our community, due to the long periods where students have taken part in virtual learning and being away from the Academy community. We are starting to rebuild that sense of belonging and community again and this will be a big focus in September.

I want all students at Lord Grey to flourish and to look back at their time at Lord Grey as a great opportunity to develop character values and virtues to be set on their individual pathway. As we think back on our own education, it is the experience of learning that we remember and that shaped us as individuals and I believe that is what we want for the students at Lord Grey now.

Education is not just a load of qualifications, which of course students need to get on their next path, but it is also the development of the deliberate, orchestrated and explicit character that students have. We want all Lord Grey students to not only have academic success, but to become well rounded individuals.

I truly believe that Lord Grey CAN and hope you can see how passionate I am about our shared vision for Lord Grey.

Samantha Satyanadhan

Charity Song Project

We were thrilled to be able to launch our new Charity Song featuring students from our school community!

Students from six Tove secondary schools have joined forces to release a new charity single cover of ‘Together’, to raise awareness of NHS Charities Together and to boost their mental health.

Check out the video and please like, comment, and share it with your family and friends! https://youtu.be/m1qiyPP7lG8. Find out more about the Song Project and donate to NHS Charities Together by visiting www.grace-foundation.org.uk/together

Let’s spread a positive message of hope as far and wide as we can together.


Hello Colossus House!

After a year without sport, we were proud of how Colossus House came together to take part in the interhouse Football tournaments that took place last month. We are so proud of how well they worked together and of the end result, where both Collossus teams came 3rd.

Pictured above: Rowan, our boys year 7 team captain, along with Sam, Omar, Harry, Harry, Ethan and Zidaan Marley, our girls year 7 team captain, along with Amelia, Lilly, Tahlia, Ellie, Ruby and Kiera

Well done!


Miss Hussey and Ms Whalley, Colossus House


Hello Engima House!

InterHouse Football Champions

We would like to say a huge well done to our year 7 boys football team who are now Interhouse Football Champions!

Pictured are: Alfie, Samuel, Tommy, Oscar, Samuel, Muhammad, Alex, Zain and Charlie (Manager/Coach). Faith, Charlie, Kacey, Sophie, Evie, Poppy, Keyba and Jessica

All the boys displayed outstanding skill, determination and quailty team work. Credit also goes to Charlie for being the Enigma Team Manage/Coach. Charlie gave the team great coaching advice and support from the sidelines.

Our amazing girls team fought on through the pouring rain showing determination and we were so proud of all their efforts, with each member of the team supporting each other. Caira, E11 was their Manager and provided coaching skills and support to the team with Keyba and Charlie both being named players of the tournament.

Congratulations to both teams!

Elliott - Enigma E9JBU

Students, such as Elliott, continue to display "The Lord Grey Way" in and around the community showing others that we value our environment. Please, if you can, support this fantastic fundraising opportunity and support a great cause.

Elliott, you're such an inspiration to all students here at Lord Grey Academy and we are very proud of your efforts. You are truly an Enigma Hero.


Many congratulations to all our outstanding Enigma heroes who took part in the National NSPCC Rockstars math competition, enabling Enigma to win the interhouse competition! Well done to the following students who scored very highly and rose to the challenge;

Pictured: Year 7 - Lucas, Ethan, Riley, Samuel, Domink and Freya Year 8 - Ellie, Bethany, Poppy, Ethan, Josh and Alan Year 9 - Archie, Ocean, Amy Dell, Jamie and Tabya

Go Cart Hero

Well done to the amazing Enigma hero Cameron who is taking part in Inkart Championship at Daytona. At the moment Cameron is sitting 2nd but we know that he can excel and go into 1st place.

Its so amazing to see Cameron using our "Lord Grey Way" and shining in his chosen sport.

Outstanding Students!

We as Heads of House are always very proud of our Enigma students.

This week we received an email from Miss Barbieri praising students for all their hard work in lesson and they have received a Principal award too. Well done to Paige, Samuel, Edie and Alex.

We also had an email from Mr Jones, about Tommy who is learning how to become a DJ in school and will be sitting his exam next week.

We are so proud of all your efforts and you clearly enjoy this new adventure. Lets hope that you make it to Radio 1 as you are clearly displaying "The Lord Grey Way".

Not all heroes wear capes, but they do wear blue ties.

Mrs Dunn and Mrs Kirby, Engima House


Hello Lorenz House

We were so impressed to hear about several Lorenz students taking part in a community litter pick during the break. The students walked from St Marys Church to the Train Station and then back up along the Buckingham Road, collecting 7 huge bags of rubbish.

Well done to these students for giving up a morning to keep the Community they live in looking beautiful.

Megan and Jacob

Megan and Jacob have been taking part in training to give them their PADI Open Water Diving qualification. They have had 6 sessions in Leon pool and spent 2 days in the lake at Stony Cove during half term.

Megan and Jacob

What an amazing achievement. Huge well done to Megan and Jacob, we are proud of you.

Remember you are awesome!

Mrs Bowen and Mr Crook, Lorenz House


Hello Turing House!

The interhouse football tournaments last month were a chance for Turing house to show off their football skills and fabulous team work.

Pictured are: Willem, Kevin, Maxwell, Jack, Rylie, Jaylan, Ryley, Alfie and Liam. Annabelle, Georgia, Elizabeth, Katie, Sophia, Chloe and Alyssa

Our Girls team took first place and our Boys team came second. We are so proud of the sportmanship the teams showed and the way the students supported each other.

You're all Golden!

Mrs Wasway and Miss Brown, Turing House





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