Boundaries By vernice washington

Convergent Boundary

The motion of Convergent.
  1. The plate motion moves forwards each other( → ← ).
  2. The Stress of Convergent Boundary is compression.
  3. The landforms are mountains, volcanoes, & Earthquakes.
  4. Andes Mountain Range of Weston South America is where convergent boundary can be found, Between Oceanic and Continental plate.
Andes Mountain Range of Weston South America

Divergent Boundary

motion of divergent boundary.
mid atlantic ridge.
  • the plates move out wards each other.(←→)
  • the stress of divergent boundary is tension
  • landforms are continental rift, volcanoes, & earthquakes
  • real life examples is the mid atlantic ridge.

Transform Boundary

  • the plates move side to side kind like passing by each other. (←?→)
  • the stress of Transform Boundary is sher.
  • landforms are Earthquakes.
  • a life example is san francisco
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vernice washington


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