Weekly Digital Update Week of Nov 21

Floating To The Finish Line

Friday. Are you excited as this guy? South of the border, our friends are celebrating Thanksgiving. From the parade, to the food comas, to the Black Friday sales, everyone is over-indulging this week(end).

Jealous? Well, I wouldn't be jealous of the main stars of the pardoning ceremony this year, Tater and Tot (lol). Poor guys couldn't escape Obama or his dad jokes. Side note: between the dad jokes and the Obama-Biden memes, it is becoming more and more difficult to imagine the White House without the Obamas.

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend, be careful out there, you don't want to be 1 of the 1,400 cooking fires that happen on Thanksgiving alone.

This week, we are keeping it light. Let's take a look at some confessions from a newspaper exec, a social media blunder coming out of Yorkville, a recap of our Closer to the 6 Roadshow @ Mediacom, and we wrap it up with the answer to last week's Ask the Intern. Want to catch up on last week's before you move along? Here you go.

Fake News: The Saga Continues

The outcome of the election has been linked to this, last week, we talked about it, and this week it is still making headlines. Facebook and fake news seem to go hand in hand these days. And, it may even be impacting another election across the pond. Have no idea what I am talking about? Read this.

Even with the recent drama, there is no questioning it, Facebook is huge. And even publishers are leaning on the tech platform to promote their stories and build up their audience. But what do publishers really think about using the platform? Do they love it? Hate it? Well, luckily Digiday has a confession series where they, "grant anonymity in exchange for candor". This week features a national newspaper exec. And yes, he is candid. Here is the full read. Here is the gist:

  • Publishers need to stop giving away journalism and their audience data (their most valuable assets).
  • Unlike data-centric Facebook, technologies, reporting, and analytics used by publishers are different, which is now a bad thing because it is less efficient and causes points of friction with clients.
  • We have responded to the digital world by overcomplicating things. We all have different pricing, offers, ad sizes, and there is still no measurement that compares the effectiveness of different available mediums.
  • Now there are some positives: media owners are still innovative, they are beginning again to understand the value of their journalism, and are slowly seeing the flaws of scale.
  • Truth is, things are moving along slowly. This exec suggests we "step to it" so we don't get left behind.

This hits close to home. Plus, this week Stanford released a study showing that most students can't differentiate between credible and fake news. Read more from Quartz (free) or the Wall Street Journal (paywall). Between this study and the fake news scandal, everyone has to be wondering what news will look like in the coming years.

Are You On The "Nice" List?

Serpetine Clothing is not. Some people and businesses should not be allowed to create and/or post to a social media account. Earlier this week, the boutique in Yorkville borrowed an image from the Civil Rights movement and played on "Black Lives Matter" to create the tackiest ad for their Black Friday sale. Many thought they were crossing line, and we have to agree. Here is the story.

So remember, social media has scale, but we are credible. As we mentioned in the newsletter last week, and the week before, our readers know we are a trustworthy environment. And as the Halo Effect shows, advertising with a premium publisher (which are viewed as trustworthy) actually lead to higher ad effectiveness.

Getting Closer Roadshow

On Thursday, an SMM crew hit the road and stopped by Mediacom for an engaging afternoon to show off all the great things we can do here at SMM. There was a scavenger hunt, where the agency peeps had to cruise around the 6 stations, collect some stamps to enter to win prizes and pick up their 6-pack. It was a ton of fun ft. cupcakes, selfies, VR, and a killer Canadian playlist.

Besides being fun, it was informative - check out the newsletter we sent out to their team to follow-up the event.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen!

Oh and if you are looking for some entertainment, check out our attempt at the Mannequin Challenge.

Ask The Intern

Recap: Last week, Always Prepared Annie asked how to start account planning for digital in 2017. Of course, the interns have goods.

Annie, we love that you are getting geared up for 2017! Of course we have some best practices when it comes to account planning. Follow these 8 steps and you will have created a killer, informative, and impactful proposal to take out to your identified key clients.

1. Objectives

What are your client's objectives? What are their needs? It is important to understand what they want, so you can provide insights and produce solutions that align with their business needs.

2. Key Contacts

This is critical. You need to make sure you have the right people at the table when solutions are being proposed and decisions are being made.

3. USP - Unique Selling Proposition

What is great about their product or service? This could be key to figuring out what solution will work for them and what messaging they should be taking to market.

4. Competitors

Who else is going after their business? What are they doing to get business? Are they doing it better? Who are the leaders in the market? All of these questions and more are important so you are able to understand where they play and how they can stand out.

5. Customer/Target Audience

Did I say contacts were critical? Well this is super critical. You need to know who they are going after before you can create a well-rounded, balanced, proposal suggesting where they should be spending their money.

6. History (2015 & 2016)

Take a look at their spending and trends this year and the year before. This information will show you where they should keep spending, and where they should start spending.

7. Proposal (2017)

So, now that you have gathered information for 1-6, build a solution. Remember, you have a big extended team to help you out, and make sure your proposal is comprehensive, impactful, and a winner.

8. Next Steps & Timelines

Now that you have a solution, what are you going to do about it? Having next steps and timelines planned in advance creates efficiencies and ensures you know where to focus your efforts for 2017. Who doesn't love getting organized?

Now that was a lot of information! Are you a visual learner? Well, here you go.

ps. Content suggestions/feedback/questions go here.

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