threading thoughts: a virtual initiative Threading Thoughts Initiative (TTI ) are socially engaged workshops in fibers that use mindfulness-based approaches, needle, thread, and art interventions that may alleviate symptoms of general anxiety in people of all ages and gender.

Threading Thoughts Initiative (TTI) are socially engaged workshops in fibers that use mindfulness-based approaches. The needle, thread, and art interventions may alleviate symptoms of general anxiety in people of all ages and gender. It allows us to get rid of unwanted, intrusive, obsessive thoughts, and add to our well-being. The repetitiveness of embroidery; the movement of the needle from the back of the fibre to the front side and back again; the recurrent hand motions and focus required is stress reducing and instills a sense of the here-and-now. In addition, there is value and benefits in fostering social supports, social inclusion, and the building of peer relationships. Artist Aurora Molina and art educator Alina Rodriguez will collaborate with other textile visual artists and certified teachers to lead online workshops. The cyber workshops provide opportunities for participants to beat negative thoughts and create empowerment through creativity. The online arts workshops highlight the importance of social engagement for positive change; Virtual group workshops unite people, requires dedication and patience that meet our current social needs.

We are dedicating this space to support local working artists in the South Florida area. To participate in a workshop or to teach a virtual art class contact info@auroramolina.com/ alinarodriguezrojo@gmail.com with a proposal (Children, college students and High School students participate free of charge. schedule is subject to change, please visit this website daily for up-to date scheduling.

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Friday, July 10, 2020, 3 pm

FAMA-Fiber Arts-Miami Association opens its membership and launches first open call to artists in South Florida. Open Free Session.

Past Workshops 2020

Participants connected from Argentina and other parts of the world to create Worry Dolls from Guatemala.

Learn to make (muñecas quitapenas) or Worry Dolls with up cycled fabrics. We traveled to Guatemala in 2019 and photographed this unique worry doll at the Casa Santo Domingo Museum, Antigua. Muñecas quitapenas come from Mayan tradition and folklore. Today, they are sold in the marketplace in Guatemala as souvenirs to travelers. It is a sort of talisman to keep your worries away particularly when you sleep. Once you create your worry dolls, you can confide all your troubles to your doll at night and place it under your pillow. She will worry for you and you will wake up refreshed and worry free according to Mayan legend.

Materials: up cycled scraps of fabric, or up cycled colorful t shirts, scissors, regular thread, needle, (optional: wire scraps and wire cutter, embroidery thread and embroidery needle, stocking fabric or similar skin color (different shades) colorful fabric scraps, colorful notions scraps, fabric glue, pipe cleaners or small pieces of twigs, or any material suitable for creating the body structure)


inquire info@auroramolina.com


Materials needed: old t shirts, scissors, an embroidery hoop, round wreath form, or pizza cardboard circle.

About the Courses

Live online community events and workshops for artists, educators, and art lovers. The meeting information below applies to all the events.

If you have trouble joining meeting text 305.300.6887 with your Email address and concern.*** Please note you can only enter the online space once the class starts, don't be late please.

Proceeds support arts in education and local teaching artists.

RSVP not required, for more info: 305 300 6887, alinarodriguezrojo@gmail.com

All meetings use the same Zoom code

Sample Mandalas

A mandala is a geometric figure representing the universe. It literally translates into circle and holds a great deal of symbolism for the maker. In antiquity it was believed that the "Sacred Geometry" was essential to the education of the soul. The patterns and codes inside the mandala represent our own inner realm and the structure of self awareness. In this time of social distancing, creating a mandala is a great practice to find the self. Creating a group mandala though in a virtual environment is a unifying experience of the souls.

Using t shirt yarn- fashion accounts for 10% or more of greenhouse gas emissions. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic we can all contribute to sustainability by upcycling cotton t shirts and garments.

Learn to make fabric yarn or use scraps of fabric, jean yarn or rope to create.

You can use an embroidery hoop, a round wreath form, a hula hoop, or pizza box round cardboard form. The idea is to use materials we have around the house. Learn to recycle and help Mother Earth.

Miniature mandala made with white thread.

t-shirt fabric mandala weaving

We use the Zoom online platform to meet, chat, learn, and socialize

Materials you will need: A round embroidery hoop any size, or a cardboard round shape to make hoop, t shirts to be recycled, fabrics to be recycled, yarns of any type. No experience is necessary.

All proceeds benefit visual arts education

About the organizers


Please have all materials on hand before the workshop. Materials: cloth, hoop (alternative unprimed artist canvas on frame, mounted thick paper or fabric), punch needle, yarn to fit and scissors, (optional pre-made contour drawing with some shading).

Punch needle is the contemporary name for rug hooking. Create a continuous line on fabric or paper using yarn. In this in-depth live online workshop, you will learn distinctive techniques.

Punch needle is a stress free, clean process that can be done anywhere, any place. Come destress with us!

Aurora Molina's Demo Punch Needle in progress

Materials: Scraps of fabric, magazines, any paper to recycle, old jeans, blender, frame or hoop, chiffon or porous fabric, or colander, water, and a towel (optional a screen, scissors, staple gun), a container large enough to hold water and size of frame.


This series of workshops will introduce the art of handmade paper. The beauty of this activity is the fact that you can recycle fabrics and papers that you have laying around your house. Please DO NOT go out to buy any products for this workshop. For the frame use something you already have. Use an old blender or a blender top you do not use for food consumption. If you do not have a blender, use an old bucket with water. It is a good idea to work near a water source.

Tues.-Wed. Paper making/ Thur.-Friday. Paper casting

Images from Workshop

Use scraps of recycled paper you have around the house.

Hand made paper embedded with plant material and dyed with turmeric

Shred fabric into small pieces before putting in the blender.

Susan Feliciano separated her textiles pieces and scraps of materials by color before making the paper on the blender.

Embossed hand made paper sample


IF YOU WANT TO ENROLL IN THE MANDALA WEAVING CLASS AND YOU HAVE ALL THE SUPPLIES PLEASE EMAIL Alinarodriguezrojo@gmail.com to pre register for this course.

Mandala for Healing-How the Sacred Circle Helps us reconnect with ourselves.

Slow stitching or crochet work mends the spirit. In this course, artist Aurora Molina will guide us in contemporary fibers techniques.

Create a mandala with limited materials: old tee shirts and a hoop. You will learn how to dye cotton with natural dyes from your pantry. See daily schedule below with daily materials list.

Mandala Weaving from t shirt yarn

To join workshop, gather materials, and click on the link below. This is an interactive hands-on workshop. Be punctual please. The code below is used for the whole week.

A full mandala unit plan is available, contact alinarodriguez@dadeschools.net


Materials: Clean up your closet and gather old tee shirts (white, printed, solids), and scissors.

Materials: Meet us in your kitchen and gather whatever you have available (do not go out to buy): black beans, turmeric, carrots, tea, coffee, avocado skins and pits, red cabbage, blueberries, purple grapes, turmeric, onion skins, or black walnuts, (not optional: white vinegar, salt).

To dye the fabric you will need a stainless steel pot, (optional: tongs, clothesline for drying, colander, measuring spoon), a heat source.

Dyed 100% cotton tees-Turmeric, cabbage, coffee (photo courtesy Susan Feliciano)

Courses are taught online using the Zoom platform, in the comfort of your home. Almost as good as meeting face to face.

courtesy of Susan Feliciano

Photo courtesy of Susan Feliciano

Materials: a hoop or a round wreath form and the dyed yarn and cut t shirt yarn, scissors.

Screenshot: Nancy Mastronardi's work in progress


Sew & Wash- Materials Solvy or Sulky Water Soluble Stabilizer, yarn and needle.

Materials may be ordered online through Amazon or at Joanne Fabrics.


PUNCH NEEDLE may be ordered through Amazon


EXPERIMENTAL WEAVING CLASS AND YOU HAVE ALL THE SUPPLIES PLEASE EMAIL Alinarodriguezrojo@gmail.com to pre register for this course.


Materials: any old frame, t shirt yarn, or yarn

YARN PAINTING CLASS AND YOU HAVE ALL THE SUPPLIES PLEASE EMAIL Alinarodriguezrojo@gmail.com to pre register for this course.


Materials: A frame and t shirt yarns or yarn

SEW & WASH CLASS AND YOU HAVE ALL THE SUPPLIES PLEASE EMAIL Alinarodriguezrojo@gmail.com to pre register for this course.

Sew & Wash using soluble stabilizer

MATERIALS: Water soluble stabilizer, a hoop, thread, and needle

Luneville Embroidery

Susan Feliciano's Luneville using a canvas frame.

Materials: an old frame, thread, needle, tulle

Aurora's experimental weaving using a homemade loom.


NATURAL DYES CLASS AND YOU HAVE ALL THE SUPPLIES PLEASE EMAIL Alinarodriguezrojo@gmail.com to pre register for this course.

DYEING YARN FOR WEAVING. Meet us in your kitchen or in a work area with a portable burner, a pan, and any of the following condiments: turmeric, vinegar, salt, Goya achiote, black beans, avocado skins, avocado pits, annato, tea, and coffee, old pot, an old white t-shirt.

Dyeing t shirt thread-Courtesy of Susan Feliciano.
Photo courtesy of Susan Feliciano. Dyed t shirt yarn

Experimental Weaving with a homemade Loom. Materials: An old canvas frame (without canvas), or old picture frame, wall space or even a door can be used as a frame. You will need push pins or staplers, or nails and hammer. Yarns, ribbon, rope, and/or the hand made threads from tee shirt material, a pencil.


Aurora Molina's studio door weaving. Courtesy of the artist



305.300.6887/ Alinarodriguezrojo@gmail.com

In the tapestry of life, we're all connected. ....

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Aurora Molina and Susan Feliciano