4A15 valerie garvin

My name is Ellen Gomez. and I came from Paris France. And my family had twins the day before we left.They were both girls. Our family did not like the trip. and I did not like it earthier we did not have any showers or bathrooms.It was a long way from Ellis island to Paris France.I love Paris more than Ellis island. the statue of liberty was so Beautiful. I don't have a job Beacuse we just had twins. the babies names are leah and nadilie. We're living in florda.

this a photo of the statue of liberty.
map of france

1 the chain on its feet represent freedom

2 it was a gift from france

3 they took it apart to bring to amarica

4 Rebilet it in amarica


Created with images by jomcat - "new york statue of liberty ellis island" • Ronile - "statue of liberty new york ny" • Unsplash - "statue of liberty landmark new york city" • Pexels - "close up eiffel tower france"

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