Mormonism By Damareon White

Mormonism is a denomination, or recognized branch of the Christian Church. Christianity is a religion which dates back all the way to the 1st century. It was created when Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, was put on earth and gained many disciples and folllwers.

Jesus Christ

Jesus's teachings were taught in a Church organized by him; his teachings were showing how we needed to be to live with God in Heaven. He chose 12 apostles to lead His church after he died, but eventually people split off and made other churches and didn't stay true to Jesus's teachings.

Joseph Smith


Joseph Smith, born in in 1805, was determined to know which of the many religions he should join as early as the age of 14. One morning in 1820, he went into the woods to ask God which church he should join. According to Joseph, God the Father and Jesus Christ visited him and told him not to join any of the churches.

In 1823, Smith said he was visited by an angel Moroni who told him of a record which contained God's dealings with former inhabitants of the American continent. In 1827, he found the record and translated it by the "gift of God." This became the Book of Mormon and was published in March of 1830. A month later he organized the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, became the first president, and had 12 apostles to help run the church just like before.

Smith in the reopened Church of Jesus Christ


Mormons, or Latter-Day Saints, believe that life on Earth is a temporary state where people are tried and tested to gain experiences that can't be obtained anywhere else. Also, Joseph Smith taught that the Garden of Eden was somewhere in Jackson County, Missouri.

Original restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ

The health code of Mormons is based regarding healthy foods vs foods that aren't good for the body. Alcohol, tobacco, tea, coffee, and illegal drugs are forbidden. Studies show that that 10,000 Mormons in California who followed the code had a life expectancy of 8-11 years longer than the general white male.

Forbidden Substances

Family is also very important to Mormons. They believe that family is an eternal unit and central to God's plan. To strengthen them, there is a night of the week, usually Monday, that a family prays, learns about scripture, share things from their lives, and engage in home activities.

Mormon marriages are also considered eternal. For them to get divorced, they must receive a cancellation of sealing which requires approval from high ranking church officials. A Mormon woman must get a cancellation of sealing before remarrying for her next marriage to be sealed in the temple. However, men are permitted to be sealed to multiple women and they don't have to cancel a previous sealing to remarry.

Mormon Family with Multiple Wives and one Husband

Religious Texts

The Christian Bible

  • The Bible has been a part of the Church of Jesus Christ long before the Church was restored to the Earth
  • The main source of Smith's informal home education
  • Many Mormons believe the Bible is the word of God and they treasure the truths found within.

Book of Mormon

  • Mormon belief about Jesus and a record of God's work among the North American people.

The Doctrine and Covenants

  • Collection of 138 revelations from God. Most were recorded by Joseph Smith; others include John Taylor, Brigham Young, and Joseph Smith.
  • Two revelations are more recent; one in 1890 and the other in 1978 concerning the role of Black people in the church.

The Pearl of Great Price

  • Composed of the Book of Moses and the Book of Abraham, a translation of the Gospel of Matthew, Joseph Smith history and the Mormon 13 articles of Faith.
4 Major Texts


According to a 2012 post, there was only 14 million Mormons in a world of 7 billion people. Over half of them live in the United States and Canada. The Conference Center of the Latter Day Saints is located in Salt Lake City Utah; Utah has over 2 million Mormons, the most in one location across the world. Males between 19 and 26 who are physically, emotionally, and religiously qualified serve full time to promote Mormonism in other countries for two years. Women may serve for 18 months after they turn 21.

Mormonism Coverage Map

Mormons in Pop Culture

  • An episode of South Park titled "All About Mormons" was released in 2003. The creators of the show grew up in Colorado and visited Utah and also had Mormon classmates. The episode was based off of real life experiences. They believed the religion was weird but they stated it was hard to parody Mormons because of their good attitudes.

-One minute clip from South Park episode.



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