Life of Shakespeare Brenna Ryan Period 1

Shakespeare had a big impact and influence on today's literature and world, his plays, theater, and poems, made and impact on today's view of literature.

Shakespeare's childhood house

William Shakespeare was born April 23rd 1564, and was baptized at Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire. Shakespeare's dad was John Shakespeare, who worked as a merchant at his own house. "He cured animal skins for making gloves and other leather goods, which he sold at his shop. he also dealt in wool, grain, malt, and other farm produce."(Julie). Which is how John Shakespeare made money for his family. William's mom was Mary Arden, the two got married in 1557. "John was the son of Richard Shakespeare, a farmer in Snitterfield, a village four miles north of Stratford." (Julie). Richard was William's grandfather and when Richard died Richard left some estate for John. "Mary Arden, was the daughter of Richard's prosperous landlord, Robert Arden of Wilmcote."(Julie). Since William's mom was the daughter of the landlord, John's wealth grew once he got married. "William Shakespeare was the third child of John and Mary Shakespeare."(Baker). His parents had a daughter names Joan who they think died at a young age, and two more daughters, another named Joan and one named Margaret. They also have records of four more kids named Gilbert, who was born October 13th 1566 and buried in 1612, Anne who was born September 28th 1571 and buried 1579, Richard who was born March 11th and died 1613, and lastly Edmund who was born may 3rd 1580. Shakespeare went to a grammar school called Stratford. " The Stratford grammar schoolhad been built some two hundred years before Shakespeare was born and in that time the lessons taught there were, of course, dictated primarily by beliefs of the reigning monarch."(Mabillard).

young Shakespeare

Shakespeare married Anne on November 27th 1582, who was the daughter of a local farmer. Shakespeare was 18 and Anne was 26 and three months pregnant. "Anne was the eldest daughter, and one of the seven children of Richard Hathaway, a twice-married farmer in Shottery."(Mabillard). They had a baby named Susanna 6 months after getting married. "William and Anne's first child, Susanna Shakespeare (later Hall)(1583-1649) was baptized on May 26, 1583, six months after her parents' marriage."(Baker). Susanna married John Hall and had a kid named Elizabeth. John Hall was executed and Susanna died July 11th 1649. He also had a daughter named Judith, who married Thomas Quiney. Shakespeare also had a son named Hamnet who died when he was 11 in the year 1569

one of Shakespeare's most famous plays" Romeo and Juliet"

Shakespeare was became a famous poet and play writer. He made 38 plays, sonnets, and poems and his work is famous all around world. Not only did Shakespeare just have plays and poems, his stories became so famous that he had his own theater. "It was a large, round building, three stories high, with a large platform stage that projected from one end into a yard open to the sky."(Anderson). "It is important that we understand Shakespeare's theater because it influenced how he wrote his plays." (Anderson)Shakespeare's theater is very important to understanding how Shakespeare wrote his plays because his theater had and influence on hoe he wrote his plays.

Criticism did not start until the late 1600's. "During Shakespeare's lifetime, Robert Greene apparently attacked Shakespeare for thinking he could write as well as university-educated playwrights."(Lander). Robert Greene as you can see was one of Shakespeare's main critics. Shakespeare also ignored unities and mixed tragedy with comedy which made people mad. However some critics viewed this as him being a natural genius because he did not use the normal classical culture but still had good plays.

William Shakespeare

Shakespeare died 1616 april 23rd, the day of his birthday and was buried in the Stratford parish church. He had large audiences in cities towns, and even Australia and New Zealand. Some places even dedicated a theater to staging Shakespeare's plays. His work shaped the literature of the English language. "They were part of the cultural life of the American colonies."(Lander). Even had an impact on Germany and Russian literary cultures, has motion pictures, televisions, cartoons, and songs dedicated to him and his work, and his work even provided entertainment for mining camps.


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