Pasture Valley Newsletter January - March 2021

Colossians 3:15 - “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful."

Ready, Steady, Go!!!!

The children had loads of fun competing in the Pasture Valley Olympics this year. Even in the midst of a rainy week, everyone joyfully participated with Team Ethiopia eventually winning. New records were set this year by some of the children, who carried away a trophy for their efforts!

Wandile's New Home

Wandile is overjoyed and can't stop talking about about his new house being built. On a visit to the place he even helped build! Meanwhile, at Pasture Valley, he's learning the basics of life and home skills.

Moving School

The Grade 1-5's moved into their new school building this month! It has been a major team effort to finish the building, and while the finishing touches are still done, at least it can start functioning as a school now.

Introducing the Pasture Valley Catering Team

The Catering Team

The older girls catered for a training session held at Pasture Valley. The smells coming from their kitchen were enough to make anyone's mouth water. And though there were loads of giggles and laughs coming from the kitchen too, they still learnt how to draw up a menu, buy the ingredients, cook, and serve the food - all under the watchful eye of Bongiwe (who has extensive experience in this area). Needless to say, it was a big success, and the team is ready to cook up a storm for anyone else who comes their way!

Learning to Drive

Four of our Pasture Valley Kids are learning how to drive! Menzi, Neliswa, Kayise and Sibusiso are enthusiastic learners and we hope they'll be driving around independently soon!

School Results are Out!

There has been great excitement at Pasture Valley, with all the Grade 7s, Form 3s and Form 5s getting their results. All of the children passed, and Mcinseli and Beketele both received firsts this year. Some of the children from the Hope Outreach also did fantastically well, many of them passing with more than a few distinctions.

Holiday Programme

With schools still being under extended lockdown since March last year, it feels like the children have been on one long holiday - meaning hard work needs to be put in to the holiday program each month to keep them busy! The volunteers and staff at PV have all helped out to make it possible. One of the higlights of the program was definitely the olympics, but some other activities include designing your own island, watching documentaries, making bows and arrows, and so many more!

Helping Others

This man came to visit at Pasture Valley with his caretaker. His legs are badly deformed after years of just lying at home. Even sitting in a wheelchair is painful for him. Although he was feeling very sick after the car ride, he was still smiling and worked hard at his exercises while his caregiver was trained on how to better help him at home. Pasture Valley helped to build him a home and also provided food and shelter for him while his home was being built.

God is So So Faithful

In January, we experienced a COVID-19 outbreak at Pasture Valley. Suddenly all the houses had to be locked down, kids needed to be isolated, and symptoms needed to be monitored daily. It was a very scary time for all of us, not knowing if all the children were going to be okay, or if all the sick children were going to make it. Miraculously, after only a few weeks in lockdown (we had even started a pen-pal system between the houses to help keep the children busy - not knowing how long the virus would last), the virus was completely gone and all the kids were healthy again. We are very grateful that Uncle John, who had also contracted the virus after valiantly working with the sick children, has also made a remarkable recovery. God has been good to us, even through these times, and we thank Him for his faithfulness in every situation.

Goodbye Gogo...

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Gogo Constance. She passed away in late January in her sleep, and a few of us were able to attend her funeral with some of the children who had been deeply impacted by her. Gogo Constance was a legend of a woman at Pasture Valley. Her larger-than- life personality, passion for raising children, rock-solid faith and no-nonsense attitude has left a deep impression on all of our hearts. She was the first house-mother to ever come to Pasture Valley, and she was the heart of Stella house for many years, coming to visit the children even after she retired, and still taking care of more children at her home when she returned. She was a big blessing, and we are grateful God allowed us to have Gogo Constance in our lives. She will be greatly missed.

Recent Birthdays

Happiness, Ncamiso, Daniel, Sipho, Thabsile, Lucia, Lindani, Hlelo, Siphetfo, Menzi, Kayise and Nokwanda all had their birthdays this quarter. Lungile turned 21 and received a bible - symbolising the key of life as she takes her first steps into adulthood.

Prayer Requests

  • Thankfulness for the little school and pray for its completion soon
  • Thankfulness for God protecting us through Covid in January
  • Pray for Bonkhosi’s knee (he is in a lot of pain an awaiting an operation)
  • Pray for the schools to open
  • Pray for Melusi’s eye which does not see as well as it used to.
  • Thankfulness for good rains
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