Engaging LGBTQ+ Students week 4

This week, I learned that support for LGBTQ+ students starts with properly advertising any support available at an institution. I also think it is extremely important to provide learning opportunities for ALL students so people understand the need for safe spaces and allies on campus. In conducting my interview, I learned about a lot of social programs/clubs that focus on LGBTQ+ students that I was never aware of before. I think the more students see programs supporting these students, the more "normal" it becomes for heterosexual students to inherently support them as well. This was mentioned in the Cornell video this week when one of the speakers said that many students go on to hold leadership positions and have a voice in legislation and social issues. If institutions educate their students on LGBTQ+ and other social justice issues, hopefully leaders will go on to fight for inclusivity in our country as a whole.

A key takeaway from the readings this week was the complex identity development LGBTQ+ students go through during their college years. I would imagine that owning someone's sexual identity would be greatly helped if there were other LGBTQ+ peer mentors and/or faculty/staff that are out and engaged in the campus community. The textbook sums up the theme for this week perfectly by saying, "Colleges and universities are poised to become places where all students, including LGB undergraduates can learn, develop, and grow as empowered citizens and engaged members of our campus communities" (Quaye & Harper, 2009, 131-132).

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