2016 Floratine University Bullet Breacher Customer Gifts

Floratine Distributors: We will be sending the 2016 F.U. Customer Gifts to you in the next week or so. As a reminder, they are engraved 'Bullet Breacher' bottle openers. It is a .50 caliber black and brass bullet and casing (no gunpowder included) engraved with the Floratine 'Rooted in Science' logo as shown below. You will receive one for yourself, and one for each of your customers who attended the event.
Bad ass, high-quality beverage breaching device!
Thanks to all of you who attended and brought your customers. It was a great group of people and the response we got was overwhelming. Below is just an example of one of the many thank you notes customers sent in.
Former Navy SEAL Rob O'Neill and his Dad, Tom with Team Floratine

Take Home Points from Rob's Talk

  • There are no short-cuts to success
  • Work with the best to be the best. Accept no substitutes whether it is your people or your tools
  • Complacency is contagious. Don't tolerate it.
  • Trust is the foundation of all successful teams / partnerships
  • Own your failures. Learn from them. Don't repeat them.
  • Never quit!
Mike Salvio, Ocean City Golf Club (Maryland), Justin Spillman, World Series Champion Chicago Cubs Field Manager, and Jerad Minnick, sports turf guru and Floratine partner presenting at FU.
Shawn Emerson, Director of Agronomy, Desert Mountain Golf Club (Arizona)
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