Turtles By Samuel Iannone

Unfortunately, sea turtles are diing. First, turtles can get hurt by plastic rings. This can choke them. Second, turtles can get hit by boats. So be careful when you're boating. Third, they can get caught in fishing nets. Sometimes, they eat the nets and choke. All in all, turtles are in danger.

Turtles live in some unique places. To start, they usually rest on coral reefs. Coral is almost like colored rocks. Next, they migrate to warm water in the winter. So pretty much they can live in any ocean waters. They also can go onto the beaches. To sum it up, they can live in coral reefs.

Hatchling turtles are really interesting! First of all they have really leathery shells. This is because they are just born. Overtime, they will begin to get a shell. Sadly, only one in a thousand make it to adulthood. All in all, hatchling turtles are really interesting.


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