Mercury By.lauren adams

All the planets are orbiting the sun ☀️

These planets are orbiting the sun. It's called a revolution each time it orbits the sun. They all have a different time span of how long it will take them to orbit the sun. Mercury's takes 88 days to orbit around the sun.

These are facts about planet mercury.

These are some of the planets in the solar system.

Mercury is the closest to the sun ☀️ mercury is a terrestrial planet. Mercury has a solid surface.

These are all the planets orbiting the sun.☀️

The temperature on mercury can reach 430*c.

This is a diagram of the layers of mercury.

This is a video that tells you facts about the planet mercury.

Map of solar system.

This is a map of the solar system.

This is Mercury up close.

I hope you liked it!


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