Diary of Weather Hazards By Alisha T

Storm Desmond - 2015

5th December 2015

Dear diary,

We have had to be evacuated from our house today after Storm Desmond hit us in Appleby-in-Westmorland. The whole of Cumbria is flooded and Scotland and Ireland are also deeply affected by the water and strong winds. Our house has been ruined. We are staying with some relatives further south but we couldn't take much with us so when we go back we'll have to buy lots of new things.

This morning...

We live near the River Eden so when it burst its banks we were one of the first people to be affected. Although, no one has been killed yet and rescue teams and boats are being sent out to those trapped. It was quite early in the morning when I noticed, from my window, that the water seemed to be higher than usual in the river. The news and weather reports had already warned us about the storm but we stayed anyway because it couldn't be that bad. Could it? But it was worse. I went downstairs and the whole living room was almost under water! There was barely five centimetres between the water and the roof! Our furniture was floating and completely ruined. I ran to wake my parents. They tried to call anyone but the phone lines were down. Out of their window, we saw some people in boats just paddling around, trying to help and rescue trapped people. We shouted and waved. They saw us and came over. They said to jump out of the window because going out of the door would be too dangerous. I went first. The water was freezing! I climbed into the boat and my parents followed after. We were taken to a building, quite high up on a hill. There was no water there.

7th december 2015

Fortunately, the death count has now been confirmed as only 3 so that is better. However, there are many other problems. The power station in Lancaster had been flooded so there are over 3000 homes and buildings without power. The NHS have said that that they can only do some things in the hospital now because of the lack of power. The flood isn't as bad as it could have been because about £3 million was put into flood gates and flood protection. But there could have been more done. Too many houses were made out of wood and not cement or another material that would be more durable. Many houses are too low and were easy targets for flooding. It's going to take a long time to come back from this...

Hurricane camille - 1969

16th August 1969

Dear diary,

You will never believe what happened today! Today we had Hurricane Camille! It was the second most powerful hurricane to hit the United States ever recorded! Our school had to be closed and lots of people had to be evacuated. Hurricane Camille was originally classed as a tropical storm. It then gathered moisture from the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Earlier on...

I live in Alabama. We'd been having some awful weather recently but nothing serious. Hurricane Camille had already hit Cuba but we didn't think it would have chance to hit us. It was just a mostly normal day for everyone. We had been told that it was just a tropical cyclone and it would blow over. The rain began to get heavier and stronger. The winds began to get very strong, until it was hard to walk in a straight line without getting blown to one side or another! Not many people had been prepared for a hurricane this strong! Houses were smashed and cars were being rolled down streets. It was chaos! We hid in our basement because there wasn't really anywhere else to hide. Hardly anyone had heeded the warnings. When we emerged, we surveyed out street. There are cars and bits of wood littered everywhere. Most of the windows were missing and gardens had been torn up and tossed about.

20th August

Dear diary,

We found out just how much this hurricane had affected us and other countries, shortly after it ended. It turns out that Cuba and most of South America and North America were also affected! There were also winds of up to 282 km an hour! The death count hasn't been confirmed yet but it seems to be be around 259 people. About $1.42 billion has thought to have been done in damages. There is still heavy rain but it shouldn't hit our city again as strongly because it has moved east now. As I am writing this, many rescue operations are happening. There are soldiers and volunteers saving trapped people and making our state safer. Aeroplanes and helicopters have been bringing in what supplies they can, while avoiding the hurricane. The authorities have decided to get a better evacuation system and more hurricane shelters due to the fact that there wasn't enough done to anticipate the hurricane.

The 'tri state tornado' - 1925

18th March 1925

Today a tornado happened! It completely wrecked our whole town! We had to hide in an underground bunker. We had to stay down there for two hours, to make sure it was safe to come out.

It all started with some very powerful winds that swept through our town. Then, someone spotted a looming dark column in the distance. Everyone rushed to the towns underground bunker. Our town was quite small so we all shared one. The winds got louder and became almost deafening. They roared above us. We waited in a heavy silence until we heard the winds fade away. It seemed safe to come out.

When we emerged, we noticed that many houses were missing. Whole streets had been taken out and destroyed. Bits and pieces of cars and buildings littered the ground. Many people started crying and everyone was distraught.

25th March 1925

We have now found out that 685 people died. It has now been confirmed to be the most deadly tornado in US history! It affected three states: Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. All of the states have been severely damaged. $1.4 billion in damage has been done. Our town is now receiving many supplies and recovery is underway. Luckily, we were somewhat prepared for a tornado, although not one this strong.

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