Brazil by:Jamiya chapman

Botanical Garden Curitiba In Brazil

The continent I chose was South America. I chose South America and the country I chose was Brazil, I picked this because I thought it would be interesting to learn something new that I didn't know.

Estação da Luz In Brazil

Before the country name was Brazil it was Vera Cruz in the 1900's. The person who came up with that name was Hernán Cortés.

Porto Alegre By Brazil

Brazil had 3 types of government. The first government was Presidential System, The second government was Federal Republic, The last government was Constitutional Republic. The capital of Brazil is Brasíllia. The Presidential System means that it is a system of government where a head of government is also head state. The Federal Republic means federation of states with a republican form of government. The Constitutional Republic is a state where the officials are elected as representatives of people.

Brazil Government

When the government was overthrown the year was 1956. In a 61 to 20 vote, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was officially impeached by right-wing members of the Brazilian senate on Wednesday.

Dilma Rousseff

In 2011, Dilma Rousseff was elected for president. Dilma's Presidential Term was January 1, 2011 - August 31, 2016.

Rio Dê Janeiro

Brazil and Mexico have an event every year called Rio Dê Janeiro Festival. It is an Annual Festival held a couple days before easter. The festival is 60 years old. Rio Dê Janeiro has 5 events on 5 different days.

Rio Dê Janeiro In Mexico.

The Rio De Janeiro festival is also held in Mexico. Brazil and Mexico both celebrate the event. Rio's first event was in 1723. In 2017 the event was held on February 24.

Brasil em 1860 (Brazil in 1860)

This is Brailz's Map from the 1860's.

The End
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Jamiya Chapman


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