The French Revolution By: Adrian Rosales-Medina

Storming of the Bastille

The French Revolution, it begins July 14 1789; This is The Storming of the Bastille, a mob had gone to the Bastille and had first tried to negotiate for weapons but when they had not worked out both had started to take fire on each other. The commander of the Bastille had been killed and had his head put at the top of a long stick, and paraded throughout the streets; This was the beginning and most powerful sign that revolution has begun.

Before revolt had begun, the King was taxing the Third Estate so heavily and when they had tried to work with the king fix issues to try to make equal rights, the king locks the Third Estate out of the meeting place. I believe that it is not too difficult to see why they had begun their own revolution, no one wants to live day by day to have their money they work so hard for taken from them, but others don't have an ything taken. Who would want to live knowing they will always be treated like dirt and have their rights taken from them, and just be ridiculed.

The people fears grow that the king will punish all for what had happened at the Bastille, but instead of backing down fear, people rise and violence begins. Peasants take revenge on abusive land owners, destroyed records listing feudal dues, rents, and burned nobles' houses.

Tennis Court Oath

I believe people had seen revolution and seen it as a great time to get payback on the landowners who had done them wrong so they cause extra mayhem that had not much part to do with revolution, but revenge.

The violence calms and at this point the National Assembly began transforming centuries of French tradition; A new government is formed and France's monarchy crumbles.

Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen

The National Assembly had eliminated all the feudal dues and services that the peasants owed the landowners; The Assembly eliminates the First Estate's legal privileges. Into the late August the National Assembly creates the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, this intels basic principles of the French Revolution; "liberty, equality, fraternity". They had gotten inspired for the Declaration from the English Bill of Rights, the American Declaration of Independence, and the writings of Enlightenment philosophers.

France fails to create a stable government and hold a good leader; They do try a couple more times but still don't seem to hold it together.

Napoleon Bonaparte

This is where Napoleon comes and takes part, he comes over, takes over, and makes himself king. Napoleon pulls France together and brings it up to stability, Napoleon also goes over fighting other countries and getting more land and making France great again.

Other countries had started to believe in the same thing as Napoleon had, but Napoleon had taken over first and had gone to many wars with the country's who had wanted to take France and won, and had gotten lots of territory making France great and creating equality.

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