The Life of Fabi Capturing moments in time before they fly by with my canon t6i - F.f.


My name is Fabiana and I am teenager that goes to high school, and I live in the city of Toronto. Some fun facts about me are: I was born in Florida, I have a Golden Retriever named August, and I love to paint and draw portraits.

Music, TV Shows, Movies and Books

For music, I play the piano, the cello, and I love to sing. I started to play the piano when I was in grade 3, I am in Grade 7 in terms of the Royal Conservatory of Music Levels. For cello I am still a beginner but I started last year in school. I was one of the top of my class due to the fact that I already new how to read music and understand music theory. I love playing the cello it is a beautiful instrument that resonates a lovely sound, and I enjoy playing the piano as there are a vast variety of pieces one can play and when I play I go into a trance and let my fingers guide me to produce the magic of music.

For TV Shows, I watch the Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, and Brooklyn 9-9 which are all comedies, I love to laugh and these TV shows brighten my day, if my day wasn't going well for whatever reason. I also watch Switched at Birth, which is a drama that feature the deaf community teaches important life lessons. Also Stranger Things which is classified as a thriller that is about a group of young friends that must retrieve their friend that is stuck in an alternate reality. It's a very cool show that is a bit scary, retro because it is set in the 80s, and interesting in that it always keeps you on the edge of your seat.

For Movies, from all the the latest, all the rage movies from the 2016/2017 that I thoroughly enjoyed was La La Land.

Summary: La La Land is one of my favourite movies of all time, it is about two young and very different individuals that bond over the struggle of their art. Both characters apsire to achieve their dream; for Mia that is becoming a famous actress, and for Sebastian that is opening his own jazz club, to help preserve the beauty of jazz. The main characters fall in love, it is truly magical especially when they go to the see the stars at Griffith Observatory and sing the song "City of Stars" by Justin Herwitz. Seb ends up persuing a great career in a band that he knows is not for him, but chooses it anyways to support himself and Mia. While after not recieving any roles for any auditions, Mia decides to Write jher own play and cast herself as the performer in her one-woman show. Unfortunately her play is unsuccessful, he is hurt even more when she sees that Seb is not one of the few audience members. He is truly sorry, but she decides to end their long distance relationship, as he was always on tour, did not keep in touch as much, and put his work before her own show that he told her to make. She storms away and decides to go live with her parents, until he he is contacted by a famous casting director that was one of the few audience members in the auditorium and wants her to be the star on her newest film. Their relationship comes to an end when she is faced with going to Paris for the filming of the movie, and he wishes to stay back home. They meet again 5 years later and the movie shows an alternate reality of if they were still together.

Hobbies and Sports

For Sports, I love to be active as I swim, I play basketball, and I dance. I dance at Tandem studios as one of my extra-curricular activities, I take ballet and jazz. I used to be on the Earl haig swim team last year, it was a very fun and competeative experience that helped me find my passion and dedicate and discipline myself to be active. I also play basketball outside of school with ELITE basketball, I also play outside my house as I have my own net.

For Hobbies, I love to be artistic by taking photos of architecture, people and nature, as well as doing art. I love my camera and I bring it everywhere with me. I believe that I have the "artsy eye" for interesting angles, contrast of colours, and shadows and highlights. I love to capture moments intime before they fly by, so I can always look back on them and smile. I also love art, especially painting and drawing! Whenever I am stressed or not busy I decided to sit down infront of my aisle and do art. I find it very peacful, relaxing, and creative. I like painting and drawing portraits of people and animals.

Some of My Best Photos

My Best Artwork

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