Video Production Class Mrs. Boggs- Cristallo

Google Classroom Codes

Grade 5 & 6 code: odssvd4

Grade 7 & 8 code: 7ohr3qj

Advanced: h5gdpu6

Through video projects and cooperative work; students will learn the techniques and formats of professionals in the media industry.

Throughout the course students will get hands on experience with video equipment. Students will work individually and with groups to shoot video and edit it to become a cohesive project. Students in the Video Production for the first time focus on telling a story without sound.

Students in 8th grade are able to take the Advanced Video Production class. Students in the advanced class focus on projects to help the school community learn about student activities and to get a deeper look at different subject matter. Examples of projects in the advanced class include; school activity commercials, Bullying PSA, 5th grade orientation, and Black History Month.

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Class Expectations

Class Resources

Rule of Thirds Composition

Non- Linear Editing with Final Cut Pro

8th grade Advanced class trip to NBC Studios in New York

New Jersey State Film Challenge- 1st Place Middle School - "Affliction"