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There were 105,237 people experiencing homelessness in Australia on census night in 2011. This equated to 1 in 200 Australians, and represented an increase of 17% from the 2006 census, with the rate of homelessness increasing from 45 per 10,000 to 49 per 10,000.

#Homelessness Counts during Homelessness Week 2016, 1-7 August Homelessness is increasing in our community. Currently there are 105,000 people experiencing homelessness every night in Australia, and many more living in insecure housing, one step away from being homeless. Everyone in our society is important. This includes those at risk of and experiencing homelessness. Homelessness Week is an important time to show everyone that ‘Homelessness Counts’ in Australia. Homelessness is not a choice. The majority of people are homeless due to financial and emotional hardship. The biggest cause of homelessness is family and domestic violence, followed by financial difficulties. The largest proportion of Australia's homeless population is out of sight and out of mind, moving from one place to the next. These are our 'hidden homeless'. August 9 is Census night and it is important that all persons experiencing homelessness are counted. For those who are sleeping at friends/family (couch...


Australians asked to Vote Home in bid to end the housing crisis by 2025

Friday May 20 2016

Australia is in the midst of a housing crisis, with house prices and rents rapidly increasing, and people paying so much for housing that they are forced into financial hardship. In the lead-up to the federal election, a national alliance of housing, homelessness and welfare peak bodies has formed to ensure housing affordability and homelessness are tier one election issues. The alliance – formed by Homelessness Australia (HA), National Shelter, the Community Housing Industry Association (CHIA) and the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) – asks all Australians to stand up for change by signing the Vote Home petition calling (insert link) for a national strategy to end the housing crisis by 2025. National Shelter Executive Officer Adrian Pisarski explained, “Housing costs are the single biggest expense in household budgets, and affordability keeps getting worse – we’re in a housing crisis. Developing a national plan to end the housing crisis is the most important issue for all...

AIHW homelessness service data released

Friday Dec 11 2015

New figures from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare have underlined that more Australians received assistance from homelessness services this year than last. Almost 256,000 people, more than a quarter of a million of us, face a daily battle for survival. They are young and old, mothers and children, families and single people. Read more in our media release.


New film shines the light on being homeless during Christmas

Monday Dec 7 2015

New film shines the light on being homeless during Christmas Christmas can be a difficult time for people experiencing homelessness. A new film, Hector, being released by 'cinema by demand' platform, TUGG, gives a unique insight into people living on the margins of society. "Homelessness is not as uncommon as you think. Recent research has found that 1 in 8 Australians have experienced homelessness in their lifetime." CEO of Homelessness Australia, Glenda Stevens said. "People are more likely to experience homelessness than diabetes, asthma or arthritis."

Why crisis accommodation is just as important as prevention

Wednesday Nov 25 2015

Why crisis accommodation is just as important as prevention International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, AKA White Ribbon Day There was once a town whose playground was at the edge of a cliff. Every so often a child would fall off the cliff. Finally, the town council decided that something should be done about the serious injuries to children. After much discussion, the council was deadlocked. Some council members wanted to put a fence at the top of the cliff; others wanted an ambulance at the bottom. It makes sense to put a fence at the top of the cliff – preventing damage. The same could be said about domestic violence. Prevention is crucial to addressing the domestic violence crisis Australia is experiencing.However, at this point, removing the 'ambulance' from the bottom of the cliff is nonsensical. Until that robust fence established, the ambulance is vital. "We need to address the immediate consequences of violence," CEO of Homelessness Australia, Glenda...

2014-15 Annual Report

Wednesday Nov 18 2015

The Homelessness Australia 2014-15 Annual Report is now available. Download a copy here. Please contact the HA office if you would like a hard copy of the Annual Report.

Invitation to participate in AHURI survey on the funding of homelessness services

Thursday Nov 12 2015

Invitation to participate in AHURI survey on the funding of homelessness services A survey is being conducted as part of a new AHURI Evidence-Based Policy Inquiry (# 82090) to investigate the current mix of funding for homelessness services, and to look at how this influences service provision and outcomes for people who are homeless. The Inquiry is being undertaken by a collaborative team from The University of Western Australia (UWA), Swinburne University of Technology, The University of Tasmania and The University of New South Wales. The Inquiry Research team is led by Professor Paul Flatau from UAW. Homelessness Australia is represented on the Advisory Panel for the Inquiry by our CEO, Glenda Stevens. Some members may have already participated in the first wave of this survey that was for specialist homelessness services. We are encouraging members with non SHS services and programs to participate in the second wave of the survey, to help build a clearer picture of the wider mix of...

2.35 million Australians have been homeless in their lifetime

Wednesday Sep 30 2015

New research made public today reveals that high numbers of Australians have experienced homelessness during their lives. 1 in 8 or 2.35 million of us have been homeless. 1 in 12, or 1.4 million have slept rough. "People are more likely to experience homelessness in their lifetime than diabetes, asthma or arthritis. In fact, 1 in 8 people experiencing homelessness is closer to the 1 in 6 people who will experience depression." Glenda Stevens, CEO of Homelessness Australia said. "This research should be a big wake up call to the Government. Without taking real steps to address the chronic lack of affordable housing and considering the impact of funding that does not properly resource services this number is only going to rise" said Ms Stevens. Inadequate funding, combined with an increase in people seeking help, continue to put pressure on homelessness services. Read the media...

What about tonight? Women's safety package to #Stoptheviolence fails to address immediate crisis

Thursday Sep 24 2015

What about tonight? Women's safety package to #Stoptheviolence Peak body for homelessness services, Homelessness Australia, congratulates the Prime Minister on today's announcement for $100m of funding for domestic violence support and services. "This $100m will go a long way in supporting women, and services, in escaping violence and rebuilding their lives," CEO of Homelessness Australia, Glenda Stevens, said "but it is concerning that none of this funding will address the immediate crisis domestic violence victims face – safe, crisis accommodation – what about tonight?" Domestic violence crisis support services are critically underfunded. 423 people are turned away from homelessness services each day; and at least 2,800 women fleeing domestic violence are turned away each year. "We need an additional $33.8m of Federal funding to respond to the most basic needs of domestic violence victims," Ms Stevens said. "This will ensure women (and their children) can at least access shelter...

Community organsations and advocates call on PM to appoint an Assistant Minister for Homelessness and Affordable Housing

Tuesday Sep 22 2015

More than 70 representatives from homelessness services, community organisations and advocates have signed a letter to the new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, calling him to appoint an Assistant Minister for Homelessness and Affordable Housing. Such a position would be able to assist with important processes that have begun, and are continuing into 2016. These are the Reform of the Federation, the National Affordable Housing Agreement, and the 2016 Australian Cens

homelessness is BAD so please be generous and give what you can


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