Amity Middle School Final June 2020

Message from Mr. Reg McShane, Interim Principal

From the Principal's desk

I'm very excited to be named the Interim Principal at Amity Middle School for the 2020-2021 school year. I retired from the Amity School District in 2012 after spending ten years as the superintendent. Since my retirement in 2012, I've volunteered my time working with the Amity Education Foundation, and enjoyed watching my children progress through Amity schools and college. I am proud of our community for supporting our young people and their commitment to education, as I see our young people as our most valuable resource. This has been one of the most difficult years I have experienced in my education career! My heart goes out to our students (your children) and every family that this pandemic has affected. I can’t even imagine how our young people are coping with everything that has been taken away.

I am hoping we can begin the new year with students in our schools learning from teachers, their classmates, coaches, and the experiences gained from the social interaction that makes us who we are. The power of an education is unlimited and it can’t be taken away. Teaching and parenting are difficult jobs, and I believe that our ability to help kids be successful requires a strong partnership. We must set high expectations, be consistent, communicate, and model the importance of learning everyday. We need to care enough about our students to hold them accountable and I want you to know that I will work hard to earn your trust and confidence. Our staff are here to help your children, address your concerns, and support them to reach their potential.

I need to share a few things as we head into summer. Students who received an incomplete will be receiving a summer packet so they can finish up their requirements and avoid Friday school next year. Please encourage your students to complete the packet and turn the material in prior to the start of school next year. This is where you can help, set time aside where you can (sit if necessary) to support them in completing the work. We will communicate throughout the summer regarding fall sports, the start of school, etc. Next year we will be following more closely our promotion/retention policy. We will be communicating on a regular basis so we can work together and avoid students getting behind and not making adequate progress. I am confident all of our students can be successful if we work together and set high standards for our children.

I am available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. I am looking forward to a great year. I can’t wait to have kids back with us. Sounds strange with summer just beginning!!

Reg McShane, Interim Principal

Important Information

Yearbooks- Unfortunately, our yearbooks will not be end until next school year. Please watch for a Facebook post and in our newsletter when you are able to pick them up. We do apologize for the delay.

Here is our supply list for next school year. We hope you have a wonderful summer!

Be sure to watch for information posted on our Facebook page!

Have a great summer from your AMS Staff!


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