WATER Properties of our good friend-h20

Water molecules on the penny stick to each other and the penny, exemplifying COHESION and ADHESION

Cohesion is a property of water. Water molecules stick to each other allowing them to form droplets and stay together instead of spreading outward, as shown on the penny where the drops stuck to each other allowing them to form a dome shape that hangs slightly off of the side of the penny. Adhesion is another property of water. Water molecules stick to other things, such as the penny in the picture above and the leaf in the picture below.

ADHESION and COHESION are shown in the water molecules on the leaf.

Another property of water is its polarity. Water is polar, meaning it has a negative and positive charge; positive Hydrogen atoms and a negative Oxygen atom. Water's polarity allows it to interact and dissolve other substances into it. If a substance is polar then it will dissolve into or interact with water, a hydrophilic substance, such as salt. Nonpolar substances, however, are considered hydrophobic substances and do not dissolve into or interact with water, such as the oil below.

The oil in the picture above is a hydrophobic substance, it resists water because water is polar and oil is not polar

Another property of water is its high specific heat. Specific heat is the amount of heat a molecule can absorb/lose before rising/falling in temperature (C). Water molecules have a high specific heat, meaning it can absorb/lose a high amount of heat before rising/falling. This is especially helpful in the human body and maintaining homeostasis.

All these properties of water help reinforce the survival of living organisms. High specific heat helps cool down water so living organisms can cool down. The property of water that is high surface tension allows organisms to live inside the ocean.

These fish couldn't survive without high surface tension.

Project done by: Jasmin Desrosiers and Aysha Luzia Penha


Created with images by Art Poskanzer - "rough water" • the3cats - "oil in water oil eye liquid" • hpgruesen - "rotfeder karpfenfisch large aquarium"

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