Classcraft A New Classroom experience

Classcraft is an interactive game to play during class that rewards you for your efforts. By participating in class and following the rules you can earn perks and prizes that bring benefits to you and your friends. You will work together with a team of your peers to complete assignments and activities in class. Classcraft integrates seamlessly with your everyday class routine and simply turns the classroom itself into an interactive adventure game. But be wary! Just as Classcraft brings treasures to you and your team it may also cast woe upon those who are careless during class. Your participation is in no way required, but you will lose out on extra credit and additional perks that circumvent the normal classroom rules.
How does Classcraft work? By simply agreeing to be apart of the game you are technically playing the game with us. All that's required of you to begin is to create your character in the game by establishing an account. Visit the webpage linked below and create an account using your Irving ISD Google account. Doing this will link your information to Classcraft and allow the import of all assigned grades in Google Classroom into Classcraft, giving you instant rewards for your character!

Click on the link below to be taken to the account creation page for Classcraft.

After creating an account and joining the class, you will need to create a character in the class. Start by selecting your preferred gender and basic look of your avatar. There are 3 distinct classes to choose from, each with their quirks and flaws. Before you commit to a class, take some time to explore their unique powers and get to know their roles within the game. Each class is vital in the composition of a well rounded group, you may wish to collaborate with your peers to determine your best choice of class.

Once you've determined your class you will need to pick your starting power. You will be able to earn additional powers as you incur more XP, which is distributed at your teacher's discretion. Note that certain powers have prerequisites, demanding that you have obtain specific powers before you can acquire the next tier of powers.

In order for the mage to acquire Time Walk they must first obtain Translocate and 2 additional Skill Points.

Your next step is to confirm your group makeup with your teacher and determine your group's crest and background. Groups can range from 3 - 6 people and consist of any combination of classes, although having at least 1 of each class is highly recommended for a smooth and successful experience.

The home page will provide you with access to important information about your avatar; it will also act as a HUB for activating your powers during class.

You can view your group and others by clicking on the my class button to the left of the webpage and selecting teams. Here you can keep a watchful eye on how your everyone else is fairing in the game.

The equipment button on the left allows you to review your current equipment, as well as purchasing new pieces for your avatar. Collect entire sets for useful bonuses and greater prestige in class!
The pets button below the equipment option allows you to sort through available minons you can employ to bring in more benefits for you and your team.
The classroom content button takes you to important assignments and activities that are available in class. These can range from graded assignments to extra credit opportunities. You can earn rewards by simply viewing many of the posted content, let alone completing the assignment for great rewards!
The messaging button allows you to communicate with your teacher and fellow classmates to ask questions or collaborate your efforts in and out of class.

With a unique code provided to you by your teacher your parents can even join in the game, providing additional benefits for you as you complete objectives for them as well.

Every class period will begin with a random daily event. The events are designed to spice up the atmosphere with spontaneity and bring some excitement to the class before an engaging lesson. The events can range from a whacky dance contest to great boons that will enhance your characters. But beware, they can also be filled with detrimental effects that can bring devastation and ruin to everyone in class with surprises that can punish a particular class or group, or bring the wrath of a greedy dragon down upon those with too much GP!
You earn XP and GP throughout your class participation as you take part in class lessons, assignments, and assessments. Grades applied in class will directly contribute to the rise and fall of your character. Gain bonus treasure for exemplary work, effort, and insights as you work through class content. As you earn glory in academics your avatar will grow and reflect your hard work.
You will need all the help you can get, as you will soon face off against legendary menaces that plague the classroom.
Boss battles will put your knowledge to the test as you, or your team, will be quizzed over class content. You're only given 30 seconds to respond to the question, lest you be placed in harms way.
Wait too long or get an answer incorrect and you will pay the price in HP.
If you do happen to fall, you could endanger your entire team, as they will incur additional damage upon your loss.
Vanquish the boss and the treasures and glory attained will be yours for the taking!

Make your mark on the world of Classcraft and carve your way to success, just as those who came before you have done. Take their word for it, Classcraft isn't just a game, it's motivation to succeed in your class!

"I enjoyed abilities that allowed me to get away with not doing some assignments. It helped a lot with my grade."

"Boss battles allowed us to test our knowledge in a fun way."

"It granted me class advantages that really boosted my grade by a whole lot and I really appreciated that."

"We had fun as a class even though we are doing academics"

"The anticipation of what could happen in class was the most exciting part of Classcraft."

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