Soviet Union Leader Tweets By alison violette

From @SovietUnionStalin: Introducing the NEW Five Year Plan for building our socialist economy! The state is taking control of farms and factories. Let's get excited for this change! #Stalin #5YearPlan

From @SovietUnionStalin: Let the purge of the Communist Party begin. It didn't need to come to this , but the time has come. #Execution #StalinsPurge

From @SovietUnionStalin: I have tried to keep away from World War 2 conflict and I even signed a nonaggression pact with @Germany! Now, Hitler has invaded and we will retaliate. Power to Soviet Russia! #Attack #WW2

From @NikitaKOfficial: Hello Soviet Russia. I have officially denounced Stalin's crimes. He killed THOUSANDS of our leaders and party members. We must move away from all of Stalin's beliefs and ideas. #GoodbyeStalin #HelloKhrushchev

From @nikitakofficial: I am much more open and tolerant of culture and the arts. I won't repress you, so express yourselves! 🀝 #CantSpellEarthWithoutArt #Time4Change

From @nikitakofficial: The work for a better Soviet Union will never stop. I have presented many reforms that have been both brilliant and effective, but alas, I have been removed from power. I'll still be tweeting though! #ThankYou #PeaceoutPower ✌🏼

From @theleonidbrezhnev: My era will be much more conservative. We shall promote a less liberal union. And de-Stalinization is over. Progress has returned. #Brezhnev #ConservativeUSSR πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

From @theleonidbrezhnev: The invasion of Afghanistan has now begun. It presents risks to our Western relations, but it must happen. #WestRelations #InvasionofAfghanistan πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ€›πŸΌ

From @AnalystJoe: @theleonidbrezhnev has a created a suspiciously stable Soviet leadership. I have many many doubts. His reign is coming to an end. #ImSuspicious #SovietLivesMatter πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

From @theoneandonlygorbachev: I am here to present a new kind of thinking. Foreign policy based on shared morals, ethical principles, and exercising political influence. #NewandImproved #Change

From @theoneandonlygorbachev: Thank you for meeting today @PresidentRonaldReagan. I am ecstatic that we have removed our nuclear missles from Europe. #dealmaker #Change

From @theoneandonlygorbachev: Quoted from my speech today: "[I insist on] the sovereign right of each people to choose their own social system." Thank you for all your support, greatness is ahead. #Change #SOVIET

The End.


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