Spring Into Social Media Fayette County Public Schools

Parents, as we head into Spring Break 2018, we wanted to share some information about social media with you. While schools provide digital citizenship instruction to students each year, we definitely want parents to learn more so they can reinforce children's understanding of how to use devices in an appropriate and safe way.

  • Sexting Handbook -- this resource from highly respected Common Sense Media covers information from the definition of sexting, ideas for how children can turn down a request for a sext, to where they can go to find help. With sexting occurring as young as 4th grade, even parents of elementary-aged children need to educate themselves with this useful guide.
  • What Parents Need to Know About Technology Addiction -- from Common Sense Media's report on technology addiction, polling information demonstrated that, "Half of teens and over one-quarter of parents feel they're addicted to their mobile devices." Read the article to find out other poll highlights, as well as additional findings from the report. Click here to access the article in Spanish.
  • When Is a Child Instagram-Ready? -- from the New York Times comes an intriguing post written by a parent about allowing her 9-year-old to use Instagram. It provides an interesting perspective that parents may -- or may not -- like. It definitely provides food for thought.

Check out this Infographic from stopbullying.gov for statistics on cyberbullying and children.

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