Death and funeral customs! Paige endress 7th.

In this era it was normal to be around the decaying body. Some would keep it for around 3-5 days. Often the would take photos of they're loved ones who have passed on or keep it in the house and talk to him or her so that "she/he" dosnt get lonely while trying to figure out how to cross over in to "heaven or hell".

Many people put adds in the news paper after someone close had passed as there were no other options to communicate. Duing this time when they would hurry the body that would have a system when in case of emergency a person was buried alive the victim would pull the strings and a bell would ring at the top. Most people were scared of this happening.

When somebody would pass the owners of the house would cover all the mirrors so that the bad spirits couldn't come through to the people still alive. If One were to break it meant that someone in that house would be passing soon. Also the symbols of the butterfly meant that's the soul has led the body and now they are at peace but the insect meant that they were sure to indure in a lot of pain in their "hell". Heaven was were the god, or gods would be waiting for you to give you peace and everlastingly life in the heavens above but the hell was a real place and you never leave and it's all fire and lava just how it is now days


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