Volunteer Abroad 2018 Kampla, Uganda


  • FEBRUARY 1ST-15TH: Volunteers must arrive in Kampala on January 31st, in order to prepare for the first day.
  • FEBRUARY 16TH-28TH: Volunteers must arrive on the 16th in preparation for the first day.
  • Volunteers have the option of picking between the two options above.


Alive Medical Services is located in one of the most crowded and poorest urban areas in Kampala, Uganda. For 24hrs a day 7 days a week they provide holistic services to HIV/Aids clients. Their goal is to eventually eliminate HIV/Aids in Uganda. Some of the services they provide include HIV counseling and testing, HIV care and ART, prevention and treatment of opportunistic infections, elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, general medical care, psychosocial support and counseling, family planning, early infant HIV diagnosis and other lab tests, and support groups.

The Bless a Child Foundation is a non profit organization in Kampala, Uganda. Their focus is on helping children that are battling cancer through early detection and understanding of treatments. Bless a Child Foundation also has a home that houses patients and their families that are receiving treatment far from home. It also provides it residents with meals, physical care, therapy and recreational facilites.


When traveling to Africa, we recommend flying with either Emirates or Qatar airlines. These airlines are known for comfort, price, reliability, customer service on ground and in the air. We base our recommendation on comfort, price, customer service on ground & in the air and reliability. We also work with a travel agency that can assist you in booking your flights.


During your time volunteering you will be residing at Afrika Fifty6's volunteers quarters located in Kampala. Your accommodation will have all the amenities needed to make sure you feel at home. Meals can be made to a volunteer’s reasonable requests, but are limited by the local constraints. Your meals will be a combination of traditional and american cuisine.


On a weekday, you will wake up between 8:00AM and 9:00AM. Have breakfast, then go to your placement for the day (medical clinic, school, etc). You will work in the morning, take lunch, and continue in the afternoon until 3:00PM or 4:00PM. Dinner is served in the evening and after dinner you have the rest of the time as free time. Weekends are left up to the volunteer; you can either spend the weekend relaxing or traveling through Uganda.


Your cost for the two weeks will be $800. This will cover your lodging, food, and laundry (this does not include flight, travel insurance, pre-trip vaccinations and visa). The money will also go to helping local people in need. You are probably wondering why it is so cheap compared to other volunteer programs, and this is because we make sure we only charge you for what you need and what you will use.


For More Info Please Email: sam@afrikafifty6.org

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