Boycotts Powerful Agents of Change

Today, the digital gaming industry is an extremely lucrative business that generates millions of dollars every year, providing entertainment to countless numbers of people.
However, where enormous sums of money can be made, there is a risk of financial corruption.
An example of financial corruption is the removal of several features in Halo 5 by 343 Industries for the sake of raising the company's profits.
In response to this corruption, Halo fans should boycott Halo 5 and any Halo games following it. Boycott is the best method to bring about change in the way that future Halo games will be made because a boycott has several effects that motivate companies to change.

Effects of a Boycott

1. A drop in profits

A drop in profits is damaging to a company because a company that is losing money cannot remain in operation for very long. It will either be forced to change its tactics or go bankrupt.

2. Damage to a company's reputation

A boycott will will cause potential customers to question a company's integrity, regardless of whether or not they know the entire story of the boycott. A damaged reputation is especially detrimental to a company today because information travels very quickly.

3. Partnered businesses could withdrawal their support

The boycotted company gains unwanted attention

If the level of attention is bad enough, partner companies will withdrawal their support to avoid association with the boycotted company.

As a result of this, the boycotted company will be abandoned.

Large companies often form partnerships to help them sell their products to larger groups of people. A loss of corporate partners will further damage a company's income and motivate it to change.


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