Buddhism Tweets By kobe gaudette

Buddhism began almost 2500 years ago. #timeflyswhenyourhavingfun #waywayback #goodtimes -@SiddarthaGotama

Prince Siddhartha was born around 563 BCE! #hesalive #cutebabyalert #pinchingcheekstime -@queenM

@QueenM is going to have a beautiful boy and he will be a great ruler. #dreams #itsgonnabeaboy -@TheForturnTellers1234

The baby has been decided to be names Saddhartha. It means "the one who brings all good" #hopefullyhebringsgood #names #babyboy -@ThErOyalCoUplE

All I want is to see the outside world! #imgoingonanadventure #fun #exploringtheunseeN -@PrinceSidd563

Death is real! #learnnewthingseveryday #scary #ohno @PrinceSidd563

Depressed and just chilling alone, thanks to all of my followers for having my back. #roughday #iwillbeokay -@PrinceSidd563

I'm leaving this life of luxury to find the truth. I love you son and wife. #imsorry #goodbye -@PrinceSidd563

Going on six years in the forest. I have became skinny and still can not find the end of the suffering. I hope my son and wife are okay. #imnotdoneyet #imissmyfamily -@PrinceSidd563

I realize that I am getting no where. #thestruggleisreal #hisisntaseasyasithoughtitwouldbe #imissmyfamilly -@PrinceSidd563

Finally, I am at the Tree ofEnlightenment! I became the Buddha! #lit #bestdayofmylife #letsgo -PrinceSidd563

From my teaching, the Buddah has been born! #newreligion #iamtheBuddah -@buddahmaster563


Created with images by Ciro Ip - "Blue" • L.Marcio_Ramalho - "Smile!" • VasenkaPhotography - "Singapore: Buddha Tooth Relic Temple" • christels - "temple buddhism china" • VasenkaPhotography - "Singapore: Buddha Tooth Relic Temple" • oladybug0 - "Temple Detail" • Cea. - "Boddhisattva Seated in Dhyanasana - 2-3 c. AD, Gandhara" • Jonathan Chen Photography - "Mogoke Monastery." • bykst - "buddha figure smoke" • awenstrom - "pagoda spires temple" • jeniffertn - "buddha religion buddhism" • Cea. - "Buddha performing the Miracle of Sravasti - Gandhara, 2nd/3rd century AD" • JohnNapat - "buddha พระ statue"

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