Vitamins and minerals dylan Brocious

Water Soluble- Dissolves in water
Vitamin B Helps Form red blood cells 2 Fruits are Kiwi and Grapes. A lack of vitamin b can cause Anemia.
Vitamin C helps in the growth and repair of your body and cells. Bananas and strawberries are a great source of Vitamin c. If you don't get enough vitamin c it can cause Iron Deficiencies.
Fat soluble means food able to dissolve.
Vitamin K helps with blood clotting so you don't bleed to death. 2 examples of food with vitamin k is cabbage and broccoli.
Vitamin A helps maintain our skin, teeth and hair. 2 food sources are cranberries and bananas. Deficiencies include night blindness and fat malabsorption.
Vitamin D helps build and maintain bone structure and strength. Eggs and milk are good sources of vitamin D. Deficiency can lead to weak bones.
Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant and helps protect your cells from damage. 2 examples of food are almonds and spinach. A Deficiency is poor nerve transmission and weak muscles.
Calcium helps build, strengthen, and maintain bone structure. 2 food sources are yogurt and milk. Deficiencies are weak bones that can't support your body.
Iron makes up 70% of our red blood cells. Poultry and stake are 2 foods with a great amount of iron. An Iron deficiency is Anemia
Sodium/Potassium help maintain normal blood pressure. 2 Food sources are bacon and bananas. A deficiency can cause fluid to move into cells.


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