orca by Cam

Be ready for a life of adventure with the killers of the Arctic but unfortunately being the killers can sometimes it can lead to this.

Orcas hunt in different pods and some pods eat seals but some pods just eat fish.

Sometimes people mistake orcas for killer whales because they are pretty much identical, if you don't believe me take a look for yourself. Is this a orca or a killer whale?

It is a killer whale and it is hard to tell the difference because their is no physical difference apart from their teeth.


Created with images by jazapp - "mammals whales orcas" • docentjoyce - "Gray Whale Calf Killed by Orca Whales" • docentjoyce - "Gray Whale Calf Killed by Orcas" • docentjoyce - "Gray Whale Calf killed by Orca Whales" • Laríssa - "J-Pod in Active Pass" • FraukeFeind - "seal phoca vitulina robbe" • tico_24 - "Fish" • skeeze - "killer whales orcas breaching"

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