Modern Day Slavery By: Will Roeser

In the spring of 1860 South Carolina became the first state to secede. Soon after Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Virginia would all follow South Carolina’s lead. The Civil War then kicked off with the attack of Fort Sumter. The Civil War ultimately turned out to be a Union win and the freeing of four million slaves. There were many hot topics in debate at the time, but slavery was the hottest of them all. The debate was whether or not to expand slavery in Western United States. In the end the Union victory abolished slavery in all states North and South. Although Slavery was permanently abolished in America it can still be seen in many countries today. Overall slavery is still a huge problem today.

In the pictures above you can see men and women hard at work. These people across the globe from Brazil to China are being stricken of their rights and put into hard labour until death. In the larger photo on the bottom you can see the poor living conditions of the man. These stucco huts are often overcrowded and not fit for living. In the same picture you can see the man's ribs and dirt filled skin. Overall it is clear that slavery is still a large problem and putting millions in danger.
In a graphic by Wikipedia it shows a map of the world shaded in with different colors based on the percentage of slaves compared to the total population. In countries such as Mauritania, a third world country, the slave population is about four percent of the total population. In just 2007 they passed a law allowing slaveholders to be prosecuted. However there are other more advanced countries such as China who have large slave populations. China’s slave population is around 0.5 percent of their total population. However this is much more impactful than Mauritania’s 4 percent because China has 1.357 billion people. This puts their slave total at around 2.9 million people. Clearly this is a huge problem today outside of the US, because there are still millions of people’s rights being stricken from them by slave owners. There has to be change or else the slave population will continue to grow.

There are many similarities and differences between modern day slavery and slavery in the US. One way these two slave episodes are similar was they were both spurred by mass slave trade. For example the African slave trade in America took place across the Atlantic Ocean from the 15th through the 19th centuries. Money was being made by white slave owners by gaining large profits in areas where hard labor was needed. Such as sugar cane, and cotton plantations. The vast majority of Africans who were enslaved and transported to the New World, were taken on the triangular trade route and the Middle Passage, Africans from the poorer parts of the continent were sold by other Africans to European slave traders, and then brought to the Americas. These "shipments" took place in mass fashion, with boats going out with 10.5 million slaves coming to America over 15th to 19th century however the bulk of it coming in the 17th and 18th century. Similarly today on a more global scale contemporary slavery is a multibillion-dollar industry with estimates of up to $35 billion generated annually. The United Nations estimates that roughly 27 to 30 million individuals are currently caught in the slave trade industry. Similarly to the African slave trade in America, today's slavery uses techniques in which they take in large amounts of people and take them in and put the into the slave trade industry. Therefore it is clear that there are many similarities and differences between modern day slavery and slavery in the US.

However there are also many differences between modern day slavery and the American slavery era. During the American slave trade era the transactions were all out in the open because slavery was legal and was not frowned upon by any country in the world. For example, slaves were traded in open markets in the British West Indies in "Scrambles" or slave auctions where a fire gun.... A FIRING GUN was fired and buyers would run and collect slaves, brand them as THEIR PROPERTY and then transport them to their plantations. However on the other hand today's slavery is much different in the ways they trade slaves. For example they set up a discreet location. Usually this transaction is quick and efficient. Clearly this differs from the early Americans and English who went into open plaza's and making it all loud and clear. Therefore there are many differences between modern day slavery and the American slave trade in the 15th through 19th century.

People can make a huge change today... One way you can make an impact is by spreading the word. This may sound corny but it is extremely important for this topic. It is important to spread the word because when the reason slavery became a hot topic during the 19th century because the rest of the US outside of the South got a real view of it after abolitionists SPREAD THE WORD. My point is if people in America receive the word of the horrible conditions of the slaves trapped in the industry. Many people are still ignorant to the fact that there is still a vast population of slaves across the world. It is clear that anyone can make an big impact on this problem by simply spreading the word.

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