book report 2 by hunter todd

1. Hunter Todd, secrets in the shadows by Anne Achraff

2. Roylin Bailey is at school and he finds a girl that is perfect, and in the process someone dies, and Roylin has to deal with the gilt.

3.the main character Roylin Bailey and he is important because he is the one that caused the probable in the story and the next character is Korie Archer and she is the one that is starting to fallen love with Roylin and he feels the same way and the last character is Tuddles because he is the one that helped Roylin take care or the body.

4. my favorite part was when he got the nickles for a girl complaints because the book is well written and i can read it really good

6. it took me 2 pages into the book to get interested and the book is in between fast and slow,and the words where easy but a few

7. yes it was chronological.

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