Managing a Classroom Full of iPads a few suggestions and ideas

It will be hard at first. Don't give up! It will pay off in the long run!

Remember, friends. Growth mindset.
Adding iPads doesn't necessarily mean more learning or more engagement. YOU determine that.
The iPad is an instructional tool.

Where are you when you are teaching? Your desk? Your document camera?

Get up.

Move around Your room.

Get mobile by teaching in "The Power Zone."

You can learn more about the Power Zone by watching this video.

Try teaching from the back of the room so you can see their screens.

Apple Classroom allows you to see all of their screens and lock them into an app.
Utilize Apple Classroom.

Limit down time. Be aware of the instructional message you are sending about the iPads and the value of time in your classroom.

What are some throw-down activities you use when there are five extra minutes in class?

Attention Cues

"Apples Up!"
"Snooze it or Lose it!"

Use Apple Classroom to lock their screens.


On- iPad is in use.

Off - iPad is out, but not currently in use.

Away - iPad is put away in their backpacks.

Flexibility Levels

Green Light - Use any app you want to accomplish this task

Yellow Light - Use these 1-3 recommended apps to accomplish this task

Red Light - No iPad for this task

Managing off-task behavior

You have the authority to perform random unannounced iPad checks
Encourage kids to resist temptation by putting games in a folder away from instructional apps (Out of sight, out of mind)
Be consistent with consequences.

What are some consequences you've used for off-task behavior in your classroom?

If an app is a distraction, you have the right to delete it.
Also, know when "off-task" activites aren't bad

Handling Other ipad issues

In your classroom, how do you respond?

"I forgot my iPad. Again."

"My iPad is dead."

"I'd rather do it on paper."

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