Entertainment survey results By Jorge Hernandez-Cabrera (jr)

The thing that I was researching is what people do more, play video games or watch T.V. I chose this topic because I remembered these consoles and I wanted to see if people played them too. I also wanted to see what type of T.V genres people watched.

In this question you can see that people mostly picked Play Station 4 and Xbox On. The least picked was Play Station 2- Play Station 3.

On this Pie graph is what type of movie genres people watch and as you can see, comedy got the most votes (out of 5 people).

I was mostly suprised at the fact that not many people have old game consoles and also at the fact that mostly everybody chose comedy. Yet again it was just 5 people.

In conclusion I think that more people could have responded and that the data was good enough and if it wasn't then I probably wouldn't be making this page thingy (also I need a better grade).

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