Colombia Uniquip UNiversity of the Nations

Amazing time of worship giving Jesus all the glory, lifting up the nations before the Lord.

Sharing our expectations for this time. What is the University of the Nations, why does it exist, how does it connect to YWAM? And more...

The ❤️ of the University of the Nations is being passed on through the sharing of its beginnings and history.

What did God say, who did God speak it you, what did He say and why did He give it?

Modular education. A Spiritual University. A University involved in preparing a generation to completing the great commission through the different spheres of society.

Knowledge, faith and character! Not one or two but all three.

Curriculum that has its foundation on “In the beginning God.”

A Curriuculm for life, not for Christians, but on how to prepare a generation to live the way God meant it to be lived in every area of life.

A University embedded in a mission. Living in a community where learning takes place in formal, non-formal and informal ways, integrated!

That’s who we are as the University of the Nations. A University of the Spirit.

Day 2 #UniQuip

The day started with our focus being around a tree. Different biblical stories involving a tree:

At the first tree story we disobeyed God (Genesis story).

The second tree story was from Psalm 1:1-3 “happy are those who find joy in obeying the Lord they are like trees that grow beside the stream.”

The third was Zaccheüs who was up in a tree when Jesus found him and called him down because He wanted to eat and fellowship with him.

We entered into a beautiful time of worship, expressing our dependence on Him. Making a new commitment and covenant with Him. We called forth the nations that are not yet part of us and calling all nations represented i to their destiny and our commitment to serve them through the UofN.

We then received again the way the Lord has structures us as a University, the way we register our students and how important that is as we celebrate what God is doing.

We ended the day with a teaching on what makes Biblical education unique and getting a fresh biblical perspective on education.

...lots of revelation and fresh vision for many!

Day 3 #UniQuip

This day was filled with truth shared from scripture resulting in a deep time of response to the Lord in worship and surrender.

We allowed the Lord to bring healing to our lives where education has wounded us! It was a powerful time of much healing and rejoicing!

The Word of God (His Spirit) is central to us as a University of the Nations.

Education = Discipleship

Education = warfare

Education = life

We are called to make disciples. We teach in different ways:

Formal, non-formal and informal! All three are an important part of the learning process.

Full, beautiful day once again...

Holy Spirit bringing revelation to our hearts. An impartation & equipping is taking place to pass on the DNA of who we are as a University, what our history is and what God has called us to be....

...to see nations transformed...lives transformed by the power of the Truth.

Day #4

God at work in our history. How have you seen Gods hand in your nation and in turn in your life.

We had another incredible morning worshipping Jesus and proclaiming Him over the nations.

We had much detail about the different elements of our University such as Extension Studies and the doorway into our University which is the DTS. we also celebrated for a moment the Colombian start of independence and were given some insight into some of the words of their national anthem...

Another very good day...

Day #5 and last one of Uniquip in Cartagena Colombia:

We started our morning with our first day of 21 days of prayer and fasting for the UofN. Around the world we will gather together to seek the Lord on His guidance for our University.

We then had a very good word shared by Tom Bloomer on inheritance.

We took time to respond to this through declaration and claiming our inheritance.

We ended the week with a great time of planting seeds, asking God that as we laid them down that He would bring forth the fruit in due time.

We had communion together and commissioned each other to put into practice all that was learned.

Beautiful week, lots of revelation and impartation took place. Great new relationships and connections established and we also had great fish and coconut rice today! What a way to end the week!!