Dog Days Jeff Kinney

The genre of this book "Dog Days" is realistic fiction

There were many summarys from the book. When it was really warm outside during the summer a lot of Gregs friends were outside playing, but Greg played video games for a very long time. Greg wasted a lot of his summer when he was indoors. His mom finally said something and they went to a pool. Greg got outside and started to have more fun in the hot summer.

I would recommend this book to my friend Wes. Wes really likes books and he is a funny guy so I think he would like to read a funny book. I liked it a lot and I think Wes would like it too. Wes loves books so I just think he would like it. This is my friend I would recommend this book to.

The book is very famous and has many interesting things in it. Diary of a Wimpy kid has always had many great books


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