Tamu Massif By: Sophia Schuh

How do you hide the biggest volcano in the world? put it several miles below the Pacific Ocean. Tamu massif is the biggest volcano on earth and it is under the sea, it is so big that scientists say it is rivalling some of the volcanoes on mars.

Tamu Massif erupted only once in its entire history, it erupted during Noah’s flood and for such a big volcano it did not cause a very big splash (after all the flood was the biggest thing going on at the time)

Tamu massif erupted because of the climate change around it. Rocks moved, the temperature changed and it caused Tamu to blow its top completely. Just think of Noah sailing over the calm waves and then getting blown sky high on a jetstream of water!

The eruption of Tamu Massif did not actually greatly affect the area around it other than forming a small new layer of pillow lava around it and possibly disturbing some sand, it might have had a bigger affect on things around it but Tamu was just recently discovered so we can’t be sure yet.

Tamu Massif is now a dormant volcano meaning it will never erupt again so not to worry, go sailing in the Pacific any time you want! Nothing will erupt below you *wink* *wink*

So now that you are properly educated about the world's BIGGEST volcano go out there and make your own discoveries!

thank you for reading!


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