Staples Boys' Basketball game Staples boys move on to 7-0 after huge home win against Trinity catholic

After a huge win for the Staples boys varsity team the Wreckers are now 7-0 and playing with fire. The game took place on Friday Jan. 10 and the stands were packed for the 66-59 win over the best team in the state.

Staples was in control for most of the game, they had a comfortable double digit lead, but in the last two minutes Trinity made a comeback. The lead was cut to just three points with 20 seconds left when two clutch free throws gave the Wreckers a two score lead.
The end of the game was filled with free throw attempts from both sides, and missed free throws were a big reason Trinity was able to make it a one score game. "We played well, but we had too many missed free throws in the end that allowed them back into the game," Lucas Basic '21 said.
Lucas Basich was a huge factor in this game with his three point shooting. Basich finished the game with 23 points and was a big part in the offensive game plan. Basich helped to spread the court and made plays when he had to.
As always at Staples, the student section was loud and hungry for a Staples win, the game ended in the fans storming to court to celebrate the win. Everybody was excited and the game finished with all students on the court to celebrate beating the number one team.